ChallengeDAC Community Curation: Favourite CHL on Coinbase


Coinbase, a platform that allows it's users to buy, sell or store their cryptocurrency is now tracking the CHL token and this is a very exciting news for the ChallengeDAC Community. The ChallengeEOS Team are putting in efforts to make sure more decentralized exchanges and data aggregators list our native token CHL to further cause both the coin and the App to go viral.

While anticipating the ChallengeEOS Version 7.0 which is to be launched in a couple of days from now , we will be giving out our 100% Upvote from our official Hive account with 80k Hive power to every Hiver who will favorite CHL on coinbase and drop screenshot as proof on the comment section of this post. All you need do is sign up on coinbase, search for 'CHL' and click on the Star emoji at the top right corner of the CHL coin data page.

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