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Greetings to our beloved educational community! We want to share with you exciting news: we have experienced a change in management in our community. From now on, we will be operating under the accounts @steemiteducacion and @edu-venezuela, which will be in charge of curating and highlighting quality educational content.

We are excited about this new stage and we want to count on your support to grow and strengthen together. We invite you to be an active part of this community, creating and sharing educational content that enriches our learning experiences. Together, we can build a space where quality and knowledge shine. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!

Daily we will select the best educational posts that use the #education tag:

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Attention educational community! To maintain a positive and nurturing environment, here are the rules:

  1. Original Content: Write or create videos in your own words (min. 300 words).

  2. Cite Sources: Add sources for information and images from the internet.

  3. Good Spelling and Grammar: Avoid serious errors to receive support.

  4. Proper Formatting: Write with appropriate formatting.

  5. No Plagiarism: Avoid plagiarism; there will be sanctions.

  6. Support for Educational Publications: We accept educational content for all ages.

  7. Funny Classroom Stories: Share anecdotes without mentioning students' names.

  8. Instructive Publications: Guides on construction, projects, studies, etc.

  9. Safe Experiments for Children: Safe projects for children to do alone.

  10. Comprehension Tests and Answers: We appreciate quality tests to learn.

  11. Fiction and Fun as Reading Material: Fiction stories can be used in the classroom.

  12. Experiences as a Teacher or Student: Share educational experiences.

  13. Rules of Courtesy: Support each other through votes and comments.

We appreciate your cooperation to grow our educational community!


¡You're part of this community, feel free to use this logo at the end of your post!

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