Some Essential Life Skills That Should Be Taught to Our Children


Most parents may think that the most important things to teach are reading, writing and arithmetic. Usually, parents feel proud when their children can do these 3 things. However, there are actually other abilities that are the basis for children and must be taught by parents to children. at least there are some basic skills that need to be taught to children From an early age, each of these basic abilities certainly has a positive effect on children's development.

  • Having empathy for others

At present, we do live side by side, but empathy or a sense of social feeling begins to fade from within society. This is what we should teach and instill in children since they were young. How do parents teach children about empathy?

teach your kid to Having an empathy for otherssource

the mother can initiate this process by introducing her feelings so that the child can control her emotions in the future. Knowing his own emotions will make it easier for him to feel the emotions of others. When the child is showing a certain expression, the mother can explain the expression, for example the child is sad because his friend is sick, the mother can ask the child, "You must be sad, your friend is sick?" and then invite your child to visit the sick friend.

  • Have the ability to Express Opinions

Everyone has their own opinion, but not everyone dares to issue and tell their opinion to the crowd, or even to a forum where only a few people are filled. to parents, if you want your children to dare to give opinions in their future life, then you must teach this to your children. Teach children to dare to express opinions in everyday life. The goal is that he feels appreciated and is also useful for building children's self-confidence.

Simple things can be used by mothers in starting to teach children to dare to give opinions. Such as asking his opinion about the clothes he wants to wear, books he wants to read, colors he likes, movies, or even a hobby. Ask that and also ask why they like it.

  • Teaches how to Manage time

The last basic ability that needs to be taught to children is to provide teaching related to managing time. Parents can start by providing a routine. Every day, children must know when they eat, sleep, play and study.

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Also when did they shower, and so on. In addition, make it a habit for children to do something within the target time, eg a meal should be finished in 20 minutes, get ready for school in 15 minutes, and so on. As they grow up, children will get used to it and the more trained it will be to manage their time effectively.

These are some of the basic abilities that parents should teach their children. Not just teaching how to read, write or count g. Apart from the three things above, other basic abilities of children that must be taught are, independent learning, managing finances, or maintaining cleanliness, helping others, and so on. and how to teach children basic skills can be done by using simple tips and tricks.

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