Human happiness in times of technological modernity


Talking about human happiness is not a simple subject to address, because the variables that measure happiness differ from each other, in addition to the level of satisfaction, needs and aspirations of each person are not homogeneous, elements that prevent having a standard scale that reflects fixed values of happiness.

However, despite the fact that there is no standard scale that reflects fixed values of happiness, it should be noted that for experts in psychology, human happiness can be measured scientifically, by means of psychometrically validated instruments or questionnaires.

These psychometric instruments contain scales that measure our level of happiness through hedonic parameters, i.e. through the measurement of subjective well-being and life satisfaction in general that we experience at a given moment.

In addition to hedonic parameters, scales have also been scientifically designed to measure our eudaimonia, i.e. parameters that measure happiness and environment to our strengths and virtues by considering the state of vital plenitude and emotional prosperity.

Synthetically, beyond the hedonic and eudaimonic parameters, human happiness is nothing more than the emotional, morphological and social characteristics that we tend to express when we feel better about ourselves, that is, it is the maximum expression of individual well-being.

Source / Author: Amar-Rockz, 2017

Those who show emotional, morphological and social expression of individual well-being, live moments of joy, can smile when in contact with their loved ones, usually radiate a full and satisfied life, which generates peace and tranquility.

In times of technological modernity, the states of human happiness can be measured by mobile applications. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that currently experts in psychology for some reason endorse the scientific and positive nature of these mobile applications, the most widely accepted on a global scale are Happify and Happyfeed.


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