How To Teach Your Children English or A Foreign Language At Home?


You do not need a certificate to teach your children English or foreign languages. If your family is bilingual, you will practice easily.

Asking your kids to sit down and listen to your teaching activities may cause them to get bored. You will never achieve your goal of teaching a foreign language. You may be able to make your children sit down and listen to you at one or two meetings. Yet, your children will have thousands of reasons not to study anymore.
I tried to teach my kids in simple ways without burdening them. Here are the tricks.

  1. Classification of everyday words or phrases
    You should collect words or phrases for daily use. Write the words and phrases in a notebook.
  2. Setting weekly objectives
    You should create goals for the week. How many words do your children need to master in a week. Two expressions and five vocabulary words in a week are not burdensome. Besides that, your children's memories will be stronger for the goal of the week.
  3. Create and display words or expressions on the wall by writing and drawing them.
    I posted the words of the week in a room where the kids could see them every day.
  4. Before they play with their gadgets, have your children practice or pronounce the words of the week.I always ask my kids to practice the words as a requirement before playing.
  5. Change the words or expressions of the week after your children can speak fluently. Make the words or expressions the short daily conversation of the language target. You can use the words to talk to your children using simple questions and answers.


Can you count how many words and expressions that your children will master in a year. If there are 48 weeks in a year, your children will master 240 words and 96 expressions. You should not sit for hours like in a classical classroom when teaching English or foreign languages. What you need to do is stick to your weekly goals or objectives. Do you want to try those tricks at home? I hope the tricks will work. On the other hand, you can modify the tricks to fit your children's habits and characteristics so that your kids will not get bored.

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