Education is an ornament for girls. Education is essential for the future life of children. Education is a wealth for all, be it a girl or a boy.

Good morning to all my friends. All friends will be well. Today I will tell you what education is. Education is another great blessing. And there is a fear of theft and knowledge is something that cannot be taken away from anyone. I have enrolled my children in school for education. She has come to the second position. She works very hard. She gets up in the morning and prepares to go to school by herself. At the same time, a friend of hers also goes to school. The school is four kilometers away from home. Before the rickshaw arrives, they get ready and have breakfast

Educating children is the responsibility of every parent and it is the duty of parents but some parents cannot educate their children because they are poor they do not have enough money to educate their children but our Yes education in government school is free and many children come and study here and our school is ranked third in the whole district as much as my son goes to school.
And I am very happy that I have enrolled my son in a good school and that too free bus the child carries out of his own pocket and education is free. Children go to school early in the morning with money from their parents. We feel cheap to go to school on this day even if we don't get money
We have a boys school in one village and a girls school in another village. I have enrolled my daughter in a private school and the girls have to walk one kilometer to get from our village to another village. The girls walk from their home to school and walk home from school. They make this difficult journey to get education but they all come together and go home after all the work of all the girls and girls. There is a group of people who are in their group. Join them and take them along as I show you the picture. Some girls are leaving and some are leaving. Come with the group and want with your own group


The purpose of these children is that we get education and become a good person. Girls are educated so that they can have a good relationship. They ask how much the girl is lying down. If someone is illiterate then the relationship is very difficult to find and if a girl gets high position after reading then thousands of relationships come for them and for those who can't or can't read these Boys have relationships, so get your daughter and your daughters a higher education so that their future life will be easier.

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