Let's learn a little about recycling.

In the everyday life of an ordinary person, the concept of waste disposal is a generalized name for the actions that a person takes to "get rid" of society's waste. For the average citizen of our country, recycling is removing household waste from the home. Ideal if this garbage ends up in a garbage dump or in a specialized landfill.



- Waste disposal: t

He use of waste for the production of goods (products), the performance of work, the provision of services, including the reuse of waste, including the reuse of waste for the intended purpose (recycling), its return to cycle, production after adequate preparation (regeneration), as well as extraction of useful components for reuse (recovery).

- Neutralization of waste:

Reduce the mass of waste, change its composition, physical and chemical properties (including incineration and (or) disinfection in specialized facilities) to reduce the negative impact of waste on human health and the environment.

- Burial of waste:

Isolation of waste that is not subject to subsequent disposal in special storage facilities to prevent the entry of harmful substances into the environment.
The most efficient way, from a practical and economic point of view, to eliminate waste is recycling. In the case of disposal, two issues are resolved at the same time: the issue of waste disposal and the issue of conservation of natural resources (oil, coal, rubber, etc.) by the reuse of waste or components of the raw material. contained in them.


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