Adapt To Change

The Covid-19 cases are rising in my country. There were disruptions to education as well as the normal routine of different vocations.

There were small businesses had to close down due different reasons like lack of customers or income with quarantine or lock down.

Governments are trying to get everyone to normalcy as we need to learn the new normal with Covid-19 around. It is not going to disappear within days or months. It may take years even with vaccination.

Mutation and new variants of the virus can really make it harder to fight against it. We can only try to adapt to the new normal now.

It is one-week school holidays for schools in our country.

I had to return to school to conduct extra lessons to help the weaker students since they are taking their national school leaving examination soon.

The bus was really quite empty.


People are trying to avoid going out if there is no need to do so.

I had tried teaching via zoom or Google meet but most students still learn best in our physical classroom. They are able to learn and concentrate better with our physical presence.

I do hope you would like the below Haiku.

Life is not the same

Adapt to change, cope with life

United as one

As we do our part to help our respective community, we can make a difference.

We may not be impactful as an individual but we can make a difference when we stand united as one.

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