Online Education : Improving School Reading Activities

Since pandemic a lot of schools have gone online. And the amount of activities that are being neglected by the schools and the parents have created a gap in the education. Which makes the students ignore a lot of basic skills.

How to improve the reading activities in kids and the students of primary school level? Here are some of the reading activities that could be asked to perform by teachers or the parents in order to improve the reading ability of the kids.


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Let's take a look at the activities that could help students improve their reading ability.

Read and Repeat

Let the student read the book. If it's not book or some essay then make sure that they take some pause while reading. Longer the text the more they have to take pause so that it becomes easier to read and understand.

After reading one paragraph make sure to get them to repeat specific line. This way they would be able to go back through the lines in education clearly. And read-repeat cycle would improve their observation in any content they read later.

Explaining What They've just Read

If it's related to the syllabus, make sure to ask the student to explain the concept back. Like say if your student is reading the content specific to the biology or physics. Make sure that they read and explain what it was. Reading quickly is easier but explaining what they read is a bit harder. If they didn't understood the concept that would show in this activity.

Writing the Notes

Reading is done. Also the student has managed to explain the concept as well. Now comes the part where the parent or teacher needs to tell the student to take the notes. So if they have learned the concept now they could take notes on what they have just learned. They could also take notes while the teachers are teaching them. But doing the notes after few hours or later the lecture would improve their memory and retention capacity.

Online education has made things difficult as the personal attention challenge is not easy to handle. And so taking notes and getting students to read won't be easy. But if they handle the reading activity through this process it'd be easier for them to handle capacity of students in that context.


In order to read better and also understand better. The more connection is made with what you have just read would benefit in students reading capacity. And in turn would help during the exam. If teachers and parents follow the above process to improve students reading activity, it would help them be it online or in-classroom activity.

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