Ideas from the community!

During these last few weeks I have been extremely busy and it was impossible for me to keep up with this blog.  Previously known as @steemiteducation we really need help with the growth of this blog to improve our voting power.  

As you all know we are a non-profit account, and everything that we earn goes straight back into the community to support the education community.  Take note that the education community consists of various accounts. @edu-venezuela, @educationhive, and @steemiteducation

From today onwards we will no longer publish under this account but combine with @edu-venezuela to publish a daily curation report.  Please make sure to support them as you are then supporting us as well.  

Ideas from the community!

Thank you to everyone who suggested various ways to grow this @educationhive account. We have had many great ideas from community members and one of the best ideas we had was to publish a book. 

Reading is an extremely important part of education so we decided to try this.  We want to collect your comprehension tests and combine this in an Ebook format to publish on a chosen platform. 

This book will then be sold online and all the profits will go towards the @educationhive account. In turn, this will then support you again.   

This will take time and it will definitely not happen overnight. 

We cannot do this without your support!  

Homework of the week:

Write your own short story and publish this as a post.  Make sure to add at least ten questions about the story, but please add possible answers at the bottom of the post.  

Make sure to add permission to @educationhive to edit and publish your story (with your name of course).

We will choose the best stories to start our collection. We will continue to collect your stories for at least six months so that we can have as many stories as possible to use in the book. This might seem like a farfetched idea to some of you but this should make Hive alive to the outside world and perhaps attract a few more bloggers. 

Please use these guidelines here to write your stories:

  • Write your own story.  Do not plagiarize or use a story already published anywhere. 
  • Make sure to check your grammar and spelling. 
  • The story must be suitable for primary school learners from ages five to twelve. (We will divide the book into sections according to age) 
  • Please add a notification at the bottom where you agree to let @educationhive publish your story. You can add your real name and from which country you are in.

This can only be successful if we all work together to make this a success.  Please reblog this post and share it with as many people as possible.  Get your friends involved as fas as possible.  

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated! 

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