Feedback to the community!

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It is always better to work together in a group because there is increased productivity and performance.  We can achieve so much more if we work as a unit than on our own.  

Together we have a much broader range of skills and practically we can achieve more because we can share ideas and come to a better conclusion. 

We want to urge everyone in this community to come together and share ideas.  We have had a few good suggestions that we want to bring to the table and would like each member to consider. 

a. Make sure to vote for @educationhive and share the daily post. 

b.  Make a small donation on a monthly basis to help grow the community. 

c.  Have a weekly competition with a small fee to enter. 

We would appreciate it if you would consider these options and let us know in the comment section of this post. 

Make sure to vote for other community members and support them via their comments.  We need to get the community talking to each other and this way we can make this community whole again. 

Kind regards 

The @educationhive team

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