Come and support the Education community!

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Due to a few very unforeseen circumstances, @educationhive was unable to post for a while. Circumstances have since changed and we will now do a daily post to help support our community.

We would like to urge members of the education community to use the specified tag and to start posting under the education community. There are thousands of teachers out there, who would like to earn a little bit of extra money, and if we can motivate them all to write for our community the case is halfway won.

The education community has gone through some dips these last few months, but we are now fully motivated again to grow this community into a proper self-sustaining community.

We have very few active members and we would like to improve this as soon as possible. We can only improve the status of the community if all the members work together. We have a sister-community called @edu-venezuela and with the help of both communities, we can improve the daily number of posts we support.

We urge everyone to motivate at least one person to use the relevant tag and to motivate at least one person to start using the tag. Rome was not built in one day but today it is still standing.

Let's shake off all the bad vibes and focus on making this community something to be proud of. Please take note that we are not here to compete with any other community.

We are a unique community on our own!

We support the following posts:

  • All posts containing educational content.
  • How-to - posts
  • Comprehension for reading
  • Science experiments for students
  • Short stories for reading in classes.
  • Funny stories about teachers and students
  • Tutorials
  • Any educational content

When you post, make sure to check your spelling and grammar. Please use the relevant tags when you use pictures in your posts and NO pictures with watermarks will be supported.

Let us all take hands and work together to make this a successful journey!

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