Teachers are Inspiration For A Young Mind In An Ever-changing World

Teachers are the greatest inspiration for a young mind in an ever-changing world...

Everyone in life had gone through either a formal or informal education and this became the bedrock of our knowledge and inspiration in life. Everyone needs a teacher at one point in their lives, our society is better because of the impact created by our tutors and we desire growth because someone inspired us to be better than we are . The importance of teachers in society can not be overemphasized , and this is why everyone desires a better education for their children. Education, they say, is the key to knowledge and everything we see today has been built through knowledge by the help of the teachers in our lives.

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In my primary school, we've held debates to either oppose or support a motion that says "Doctors are better than teachers". It doesn't matter which point is raised, it ends up that teachers hold a vital place in the life of every professional. They didn't learn it on their own but passed through a system of learning. We can't be whatever we are today if no one ever shared their knowledge with us. In the ancient time when standard structures of schools weren't in existence, people still had a learning system and this knowledge had been passed down from one generation to another.

Education doesn't end in school, we have the informal education which happens at home. We learn both morals and literate knowledge from here too. In this system, our parents are the Key players who stand as our guardians. They inspire our young minds to think broadly. In order to set our paths straight , they ask what we desire to study and ensure they make resources available to help empower our dreams. If teachers were not in existence, the knowledge that was learned 2000 years ago would have been buried with them, and there wouldn't have been a system of chain where new knowledge are learned from the old, but it would be a stagnant world where every knowledge goes with the generation and the same pattern is learned over and over again. Teachers need to be appreciated at all level, because they are the greatest inspiration for a young mind in an ever-changing world

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