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Hi there. In this education post, I would like to share a story about my experiences at Saturday Language School. This was from way back when I was in grade three or four until grade six. It has been so long ago.

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When I was in grade three or so my parents would take me to a Saturday language school in the morning. It would start at something like 9AM and end at noon. The language classes would be held at a public school instead at a institution building like Kumon. There were actually many different language classes being held.

This local International Languages Program was held by a senior Italian woman. Language classes included Traditional Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, Polish, German, Ukrainian and a couple of others. I do not remember them all as I was young. At the time, I was enrolled in Traditional Mandarin Chinese.

I started with the very basics of Traditional Mandarin Chinese. Starting with pronounciation, writing and basic vocabulary. My language teacher was Taiwanese and was friendly. I do remember doing reading and writing exercises from Chinese only workbooks. The books had to be read from right to left instead of the usual left to right. There was also a lot of educational videos that us students had to watch. As I was a silly young kid there were segments that were kind of funny such as a zoom in on the person's mouth with red lipstick as the woman was slowly speaking the words.

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I Wished I Took The Language Classes More Seriously

I did not continue with the language lessons as I got bored. This decision was not good looking back. Time could have been invested into learning languages which would have opened up more opportunities in terms of careers and possibly friendships.

On a somewhat unrelated note I wish I had continued with French in high school. I was good at the French language in grade nine along with math. Looking back, I should have continued French in grade 10 at least. Note that my high school did not really have other foreign language courses available other than French.

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There Might Be A Saturday/Weekend Language School In Your Area

I do not know how much these Saturday language lessons cost. The lessons were held every Saturday morning for the school year for elementary school students (grade 1 to 8). Our Traditional Mandarin Chinese teacher also held private tutoring lessons at her house for older students. I vaguely remember going to the house with my parents for consultation.

This was from fifteen years ago or so. Costs for educational services are much higher these days mainly due to inflation. You could check around you area and see if there is a local Saturday language school program with affordable prices. It could be a good investment financially and from a time perspective.

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Thank you for reading.

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