On Hard Math Courses

Hi there. In this education post, I would like to cover the topic of hard math courses.

The contents of this post is from personal experience in math courses, hearing from other friends in math courses and from students from my tutoring and Mathnasium work.

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  • Math Is Already Difficult Enough
  • Good Teacher, Hard Math Course
  • Bad Math Teacher Making The Math Course Harder Than It Is
  • Some Math Memes


Math Is Already Difficult Enough

Mathematics is one of the toughest and most hated subjects out there. We can produce a long list on why math is hard. One main thing with math is that it does require a lot of practice and mental effort to get good at it. In one way math is like a language as the later topics do build on the previous topics.

This online page talks about why many students struggle with math.

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Good Teacher, Hard Math Course

There are times when the math teacher is good but the math course is just difficult. Either the math course is designed to be difficult or the math topics in the course are very theoretical or abstract in nature. There is also the case where the math student(s) may not be good but that can be for a different post. The math teacher does his/her best to explain concepts effectively. It is up to the students to put in effort to do well in the math courses.

The hard math courses that I refer to are more at the university level such as Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Measure Theory, Set Theory and other abstract/theoretical math courses. You can argue that math courses that require heavy algebra and computations such as calculus, differential equations are hard too.


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Bad Math Teacher Making The Math Course Harder Than It Is

When I talk about bad math teachers I refer to math teachers whose teaching is not very good and confusing for students. Another bad teacher case is when the teacher unnecessarily increases the difficulty of a math course.

Bad Teacher In Math Course

Any teacher whose teaching is not very good makes it hard for students to learn. Students can easily be confused to the point of disengagement. With math teachers it is not any different. Math teachers who are not able to teach nor communicate the concepts effectively to young and older students do not help the students nor help the mathematics field. Bad math teachers do really add to the stereotype and truth that "Math is Hard.". In addition, bad math teachers can cause some memories in a lot of people. There are people who do quit learning certain subjects, fields and careers such as math because of awful teaching.


Teachers Who Have Unnecessarily Harder Tests, Assignments And Topics

Another type of math teacher is the one that makes things much difficult than it should be. I once had a tough professor

The worse combo you could have is a bad math teacher/professor who makes the math course harder than it should be. It is a bit of test of mental strength and discipline. If you do end doing well with a bad teacher who makes things tough, it is a big victory.


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Some Math Memes

On a less serious note, I have included a section on some math memes. These memes are from https://sayingimages.com/funny-math-memes/. There are times when you look at certain things in math and get confused. I think we have all been there.


Thank you for reading.

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