The history of music artists; The case of Norah Jones!


Norah Jones is an American pianist and singer. Her career began in 2002, when the debut album «Come Away with Me» was sold in 20 millions of copies, and this gave her eight Grammy Award-prizes. With these things, she is the female artist who has sold most albums on the world basis since 2000.

We should give trust and confidence and support to the people deserving this, and we cannot agree in things that are not in our human minds. So, we should support the people and the organizations that deserve it. Norah Jones is born on 30 March 1979, and she is 43 years old, and she comes from Manhattan in New York in the United States. And the famous commentator Bjorge Lillelien from Norway, made a tremendously good comment when Norway had beaten England in 1981, and it was like this: «Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! and Lady Diana! We have beaten them all! Maggie Thatcher – can you hear me? Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!».

The parents to Norah Jones are Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones, and her sisters are Anoushka Shankar and Shubhendra Shankar, og her genre in singing is country and pop. And we find the music from Norah Jones on the ordinary music platforms in the world like for instance YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify and Deezer. And we can listen to the musicians that we just admire and respect, and life should be made in known ways and in new ways. And no environments can make all the solutions that are possible, but we should compete and cooperate with the people that are around us, but the main message and the different doings we should do ourselves, and we should find the best ways to solve many questions!

There are many known songs from Norah Jones, and the most known are: «Don't Know Why», «Sunrise» and «What Am I to You». And you know, singing songs to the world, and making something that has not been done before, that is the best way of acting in the life. We also find many music videos from Norah Jones on the internet, and these are: «Let It Be», «The Very Best of Norah Jones» and «Don't Know Why». And there are several albums that are typical of Norah Jones, and these are: «Come Away with Me», «Feels like Home», «Pick Me Up Off the Floor» and «Little Broken Hearts». And life is about variations, and any type of variation anywhere, this is how we are solving the life inside and outside businesses, and we are just framing the life in some ways of all the free solutions being there of established and new things. So, we should be ourselves, and we should listen to our own heart and brain, and we should wish the best for everyone. Norah Jones.

is known among several people working with films, for instance: «My Blueberry Nights», «Ted», «Norah Jones: Live in New Orleans» and «Echo In The Canyon». And you cannot define the life unless you know it from all the angles and perspectives, and we are in life to give our best efforts everywhere. She has been the recipient of several Grammy Awards; Come Away with Me was nominated for two awards at the 45th Grammy Awards. Jones personally received five of the eight awards for Come Away with Me. She also received three awards at the 47th Grammy Awards, including "Record of the Year" and "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" for her work with Ray Charles on the song "Here We Go Again". She received her eighth Grammy for "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" for her song "Sunrise". Overall, Jones has received 14 awards from 44 nominations.

We should not have any restrictions of any kind in life, but there should be freedom, and life is about making different individual and collective actions, and James Samuel Coleman was a guy trying to understand life, and the relations we are making and not making, and why things are as they are. And we should do things that we are competent to. And we are here to frame and to understand all the friends and all the families.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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