The history of music artists; The case of Capow x 2G!


You know, the satisfaction of anyone should be given to any time anywhere, and you and I are here to enjoy ourselves and the people living together with us, and there should be diversity and freedom about what is happening, and the constitution is just about making the best and most sensible laws, rules and norms, and Norway is such a regime, and Henrik Wergeland, the author from Kristiansand writing about social and lovely affairs, believed the constitution and the laws in Norway to be the best on the planet, and we have also history and humans to take care about about what we are as humans living and operating and working alone and together, and we should not be more skeptical than there are reasons for it, and we should accept the different things about the nations, and maybe there are some bad things and some good things about what is happening anywhere.

Capow is a musical group coming from Norway, and they consist of two young persons, and they are 12 and 14 years old Bruno Capodistrias (Capow) and Imanuel Kimani (2G) from Kløfta and from Oslo. And these two persons met each other, and they immediately got the good feeling and thinking, and they started to make music, and to play music on their own, and their music was accepted among many people being anywhere. And they think that the music and its performance should be nice, politely, funny and exciting, and therefore we are all here to make and to take some contributions in the world, and all things are about pictures, and making the texts with words and sentences, and there should be acceptance, love and admiration about what we are doing, and Capow x 2G has been in the program Lindmo at NRK and the television programs in Norway, and this happened on Friday 18 November 2022. And Anne Lindmo is a reflective woman, and she is also funny, and she has her highest education level from London in Great Britain, and that is good! And you know, there are much to be engaged of with anything on the planet of subjects, issues, essays and problems, and Anne Lindmo has focused in her studies on French, sociology and the history of the ideas, and these things are nice to be engaged with, since anything in the business life, is just about making new ideas about what the business should be, and organizing the business in such ways that the employees and the bosses are earning money, and also that the companies are running good in the short run and in the long run. And productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, growth and profitability are the ways we are operating as the private firms in the businesses today and tomorrow, and we are making the choices of ourselves about what to do, and how we are doing things as we are doing them.

The song called for Thirty-first floor, and that this song is about a private jet being filled with luggage, that is a popular and famous song in the world today, and you know giving and taking the messages in English, that is the way of going international, and to be engaged with many things that are happening many places. And we find the information about this song from Capow x 2G on the internet, and Capow x 2G is trying to occupy the whole earth with their songs, and they are just planning to be greater in the world, and the agreements and the contracts that they have, can make their potential and ways of expanding in the life, even more exciting and funny.

Capow x 2G is a rap duo coming from Norway, and we find their music on the internet with some actions in their rap group, and a group is consisting of two persons or more than two persons. And you know, we are finding the different music from them on the ordinary music platforms on the internet, and these platforms are: YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, and we can listen to them, and we can try to develop ourselves even stronger and better with the music from this group, but although these two persons in this group are young, they are trying to get new markets in different parts of the world, trying to be better known, and to grasp the reality and its possibilities where to be from time to time, and from place to place.

So, there should be love and inclusion and acceptance about our human bodies, and we are loved to doing the work, and we should be working together with people many places, and you know as professor emeritus Philip Kotler is claiming it, we are caught in the middle, and this will be the case ever since in the history and in the reality of our lives. And the government should be upon our shoulders in all the ways we are operating in our lives, and we are singing about that.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! 😃

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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