The Bad Influence of Nicknames on Children - Consciousness-Based Education


When we are born, they give us a name and with that name they present us to the world. People have a bad habit, that of nicknames, but once the child grows up, it may be unfortunate that they do.

Such is the case in schools, children affected by nicknames, by the way they dress, by appearance, among many other things.

We, as educators, motivators of education and representatives, must take action in this regard.

What happens when children receive nicknames in schools?

It is very normal that when this happens, the children do not want to go to schools, and this bothers parents.

Then it is there that we find the concerns for the parents, and the child feels bad and we do not find how to help them.

Children who are often heartbroken do not say anything to parents, but we must try to be honest and speak in the most appropriate way with children, with parents and representatives, and thus resolve the situation.


Children are forced to go to school, almost children crawl not to go, and parents don't know why.

Children who are generally heartbroken say nothing to parents, but we should try to be honest and speak in the most appropriate way with children with parents and guardians, and thus resolve the situation.

The recommendations are: talk to the teacher to see if he has seen any inconvenience in the classroom, so that the child does not want to attend school.

Nicknames often spoil the tranquility of children


As educators, we must be very attentive to this type of situation, which has an impact on children's mood and deteriorates them in their studies.

How can I stop what happens?

Evaluate children's behaviors, check that they are all friends or if you are excluding some.


Let's do activities where children are called by name and where there are no nicknames for any.

Example of activities for children

Activity 1.

Have the children make their names so that they carry signs with a ribbon around their necks.


It is a good activity to remember each child's exact name, and there are no misunderstandings about each child's name.

Activity 2.

Give each child posters with pictures of different children. The activity is: when you see the child's image, put the names of each one, well written.


This way, you learn the names correctly and you don't have to nicknames your classmates.


Teaching children that treating others well is the best we can do, since none of us like to be called by a name other than our own.




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