Benefits of distance education in the personal economy.

Education in its current character of distance education, has managed to generate that people have access to multiple salaries, this is due to the flexibility of the current schedules, where they do not have to meet the requirements of schedules and physical presence in educational centers, leaving the possibility of acquiring other sources of income, which generates some economic stabilities in families that can access multiple jobs and generate resources for their households.

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As a result of the change generated in the economy worldwide, has achieved that people who are dedicated to education, as a result of this change managed to obtain other sources of income seeking a second job, and can meet their academic requirements in the teaching-learning process, this being a great possibility for people in this area as it allows them to obtain several economic income for family support, with this opportunity many people have managed to generate several sources of income simultaneously and managed to fulfill all their functions.

At present, the pandemic is still in force to this day, but the vaccination processes worldwide have advanced rapidly, so many countries are already calling for classroom education, which can economically affect countless workers, by returning to classroom education workers must give up their second source of income, in order to fulfill their duties in educational units, in addition to fulfilling their academic schedules.

In the particular case of Venezuela, the salaries of the employees dedicated to teaching-learning are very low, generally a teacher's salary can vary between $8 to $25 from the lowest to the best paid, this being a situation that leads teachers to seek another source of income, this situation generated that they seek another income for their livelihood, which was achieved through the freedom of teachers in terms of flexible schedules and also does not have the need to go physically to the educational institutions.

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With the migration of teaching professionals towards the private economy, in search of a salary that complements their income, for which they must comply with a schedule established by the company, it is necessary to ask how many teachers will prefer to return to the classroom? Considering the lower salary, and without the opportunity to generate additional income in a second job.

It is noteworthy that the desertion of teachers is very high percentage-wise, however, at the time of a return to classroom activities, this desertion may increase even more, since many people can stay in their other source of employment mainly to generate more resources than in public institutions, in addition to the deficiency of transportation and the high cost of tickets, which negatively affects the economy of teachers, are factors that can generate even more desertion in public educational institutions.

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