Colours of Imagination!

Hi there!
Hope you all are doing good. Today I want to start my piece with an open question; let's see how people cherish their long forgotten childhood and its over lasting impacts that definitely makes us, Us!.


Have you ever thought of putting your imagination on a paper using any kind of colour?

Yes, of course; I think we all have at least tried it at our early childhood. The first thing regarding the starting point of my early education.

I had no idea about painting or drawing a masterpiece back then. But the best thing that kept my enthusiasm alive is the colourful representation of stuffs that I used to draw.

I can easily remember the days when my imaginations were just starting to flourish like a blooming sunflower. I can feel the excitement inside my heart and mind. The enchanting landscapes, beautiful flowers that always spread the colours of the mighty rainbow.

But it was seemingly difficult for me to put those beautiful dreamy sights that always made me to draw or play with colours.

The green woods and the tiny wild flowers that always spreads the reflection of many colours. Sunlight and the absence of light, dark and gloomy rainy days and the winter which brings a subtle sadness around the ambience tempts me to brainstorm my imagination.

Though my tender heart could not bring the best out of it; but it made me to look onto stuffs in a different way. Now, I try to see things in a different way. And I know how many imagination can play the vital role of enriching the tender and super inquisitive mind that desperately trying to know the unknown.


Painting or drawing is not my kind of job; though you can find me in the list of art admirers. Many of you now know me as a school teacher practicing English Language pedagogy. In my teaching experience I've come up with a number of talented kids who have the ability to perform their artistic mind in a skillful way.

I simply get amazed to see how this lill ones put their beautiful as well as colourful imagination on paper. Their simple stuff of drawing or painting made me super astonishing. I always motivate my students to nurture their passion. If someone is pretty good at drawing simple stuffs or figures; I suggest them to nurture it and go forward. The can do better in millions of field regarding art. You can see the animated cartoons, movies, comics, short films, series painting as well as giving art direction.

However, the colours I've mentioned at the begining that can vividly express our imagination and feelings are like the diverting factor that made me to feel the fun at my early childhood. That is why I try to promote this graceful attempt of drawing and making a piece of art using amazing colours.

I always prefer to use the colour red and green. But sometimes my likings go here and there from the colour yellow to brown. The days have long gone. But their memories are still fresh like the first painting I made when I was just starting my school days.

However, recently I had been through a art competition where a number of my students took part. And of course they did pretty good. I was overwhelmed with their way of looking towards things and their depth of imagination. They put their fingers on their chick and I guess the sink into their innocent thoughts and try to put the on the paper as they can.


The random snaps that you are giving a glimpse in this post are taken during the competition. I personally liked them and I thing they have made me to write this. I asked them how they could made this kind of beautiful stuffs within the shortest period of time. They answered me with a smiling face that they like doing it because they find it so interesting and at the same time they get the freedom to put whatever they want to.

The day was just amazing to spend time with them. I also learned several things that day. Many little hands were trying to put their imagination into colours on the paper. If ask me, what the exact colour that might express our imagination properly. I say, I don't know and of course I can't tell you that.

It you who can find out the colour of your imagination that expresses your mind. The little one from my class had done a wonderful job that day. One of these pieces has got the first prize and the others were also celebrated as well.

Moreover, I can never forget the day that gave me much pleasure. I hope and suggest you guys to give it a try. You will be amazed I guarantee it.

No, not more today. This thing is getting bigger and bigger. Hope to come with something that might bring a small but worth smile on your face..

Till then...
Stay safe and happy...

Thank you.

With ❤️

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