Bobcats - Information for kids

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Bobcats are mostly found in North and Central America. They like to hunt rabbits, mice, and deer.

The babies are called kittens (the same as your cat), the difference is just that when they are born, they are already bigger that the cat's kittens. Once they are grown they are around double the size of a domestic

There are about a million of these animals left and like many other animals, their numbers are declining due to hunting and habitat loss. The cougars, wolves and coyotes are their natural predators.

These cats are shy and not easily spotted by humans.

We know about twelve species of Bobcat which are different from one another by the colour of their coats and also where they are found.

belong to the same family as the Lynx. Even though they look alot alike, they are not the same at all. The Bobcat is smaller in size and has smaller feet and less hair by their ears than the Canadian Lynx, and often tends to be darker in colour. Their
tail only grows to be around 15cm in length.

Depending on where the Bobcat live, its coat colours will differ. If they live in the snow they will have a lighter coat than the ones living in the mountain. This is all to allow the cats to remain camouflaged and not easily spotted.

They are most active at dawn and dust, which make them nocturnal animals, and they will sleep in a safe place during the day. It can be
in the form of a rock crevice or hollow tree with one cat having a number of dens within its home range.

Bobcats can hunt animals that are double their own
size! They are normally quiet and not very vocal animals. If you hear them making the fierce growls,
and snarls that they make when they are hiding will most probably point to the fact
that there is a Mountain Lion in the area.

Watch the video and once you are done, write 5 extra facts about this beautiful animal.


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