Color Challenge - The Color of God

A wise man once told me that yellow is the color of God.

Notice - not white, but yellow.

That's why I, like probably everyone, should wear yellow clothes.

In honor of God.

To show my respect for Him/She/It.


Then, so many years ago, I was in such a period of my life that I did not ask questions. There was nothing to ask them based on. I just took the information and memorized it.


Oh, yes - I spent a long time in fitting rooms trying on yellow clothes. I still have tops and dresses from this period in my wardrobe.


It wasn't long ago that I thought again about yellow and its symbolism. Unconsciously, I remembered it when my boyfriend and I visited a very special temple - an Ottoman mosque converted into an Orthodox church. And I saw there the main door of the iconostasis, decorated with a large circle in the shape of the sun.


And I realized that Sun = God.

There is no other way to explain the meaning and reason why yellow is the color of God.


Did I surprise you? Do you think this is not possible? Do you think that humans evolved from the worship of natural forces and therefore found meaning in imaginary ones?

Kind of, but I claim that there is no evolution in mankind at all.

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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