Some Awesome Tuesday Images for | COLOR CHALLENGE - Fiery Tuesday (4.13.21)

Image created by @justclickindiva utilizing Nvidia GauGAN

I love participating on Tuesdays in the Color Challenge by @kalemandra. Today's colors are fiery, orange and bronze. These colors are vibrant and dramatic, and enjoyable to watch in any artistic medium. I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my digital projects I recently completed.


Me encanta participar los martes en el Reto de Color de @kalemandra. Los colores de hoy son el fuego, el naranja y el bronce. Estos colores son vibrantes y dramáticos, y agradables de ver en cualquier medio artístico. Pensé que sería bueno compartir con ustedes algunos de mis proyectos digitales que he completado recientemente.



Copy of Copy of Copy of Charcoal Specials Coffee Photo Collage.png

The Color Challenge is interesting in that you observe the world around you that consists of an infinite array of colors. You'll never run out of subjects to photograph.

Also, there's an equal amount of items just lying around your home you can choose for their various colors. Just take photographs, then determine what colors are contained in the subject matter for a particular day of the Color Challenge.

Finally, since all types of art mediums are allowed in the challenge, digital art is accepted. The only thing missing is your imagination. So gather your ideas, and create some amazing images. That's what I do when I can't get outdoors.

The color chart for each day can be found below for your easy reference.

I hope you like my fiery Tuesday images.

El Desafío del Color es interesante porque observas el mundo que te rodea y que consiste en una gama infinita de colores.

Además, hay la misma cantidad de objetos que se encuentran en tu casa y que puedes elegir por sus diversos colores. Sólo tienes que hacer fotos y luego determinar qué colores contiene el objeto para un día concreto del Reto del Color.

Por último, dado que se permite todo tipo de medios artísticos en el desafío, se acepta el arte digital. Lo único que falta es tu imaginación. Así que reúne tus ideas y crea imágenes increíbles. Eso es lo que yo hago cuando no puedo salir al aire libre.

La tabla de colores para cada día se encuentra más abajo para su fácil referencia.

Espero que te gusten las imágenes de mi martes ardiente.

1. Apophysis2.09 Fractal Rendering Program

This digital drawing I created with the program Apophysis 2.09. As I've reiterated, I discovered this program while researching online digital drawing tools.

This program is made for Windows, and you must download it to utilize its features.

Apophysis 2.09 is a fractal rendering program that produces images from mathematical coordinates.

Working with the triangles on the grid is an awesome experience.

You can move the "x" and "y" coordinates to create any image you desire.

1. Programa de renderizado fractal Apophysis 2.09

Este dibujo digital lo he creado con el programa Apophysis 2.09. Como he reiterado, descubrí este programa mientras investigaba herramientas de dibujo digital en línea.

Este programa está hecho para Windows, y debes descargarlo para utilizar sus características.

Apophysis 2.09 es un programa de renderizado fractal que produce imágenes a partir de coordenadas matemáticas.

Trabajar con los triángulos de la cuadrícula es una experiencia impresionante. Puedes mover las coordenadas "x" e "y "para crear cualquier imagen que desees.



I included here two other version of my fractal that I ran through the filter and effects program, Deep Dream Generator. Wow, what vibrant colors for Fiery Tuesday!



1. Bomomo Digital Drawing Program

This digital drawing I created with the program Bomomo. I found the program while researching online digital drawing tool. The feature I like about this program is that you don't have to download it."

I'm sharing with you a drawing I just completed today. This program is extremely difficult to manipulate the feature to achieve the colors you intend.

As long as some of the colors are in the drawing you desire, then I feel it's a success.

1. Programa de dibujo digital Bomomo

Este dibujo digital lo he creado con el programa Bomomo. Encontré el programa mientras buscaba una herramienta de dibujo digital en línea. La característica que me gusta de este programa es que no tienes que descargarlo".

Comparto con vosotros un dibujo que acabo de completar hoy. Este programa es extremadamente difícil de manipular la característica para lograr los colores que usted pretende.

Mientras algunos de los colores estén en el dibujo que deseas, entonces siento que es un éxito.

Bomomo21 (2).png

2. Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing Program

The Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing is an online digital drawing program I discovered two years ago.

It's unique feature allows you to enter brushstrokes and transform them into images based upon the features you choose, i.e. river, mountains, the sea, sky, clouds, water, rocks, buildings, and flowers. These are only a few of the features.

You draw the feature on the blank canvas. You then have the ability to add different elements or remove ones you don't want.

Below are a few of my Nvidia Gaugan digital drawings I'd love to share with you.

2. Programa de dibujo digital Nvidia Gaugan AI

Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing es un programa de dibujo digital en línea que descubrí hace dos años.

Su característica única te permite introducir pinceladas y transformarlas en imágenes basadas en las características que elijas, es decir, río, montañas, mar, cielo, nubes, agua, rocas, edificios y flores. Éstas son sólo algunas de las características.

Dibuja la característica en el lienzo en blanco. A continuación, tienes la posibilidad de añadir diferentes elementos o eliminar los que no quieras.

A continuación, algunos de mis dibujos digitales de Nvidia Gaugan que me gustaría compartir con vosotros.








Your colorful photos and artworks are welcome!

Weekly challenges with colors of your world.

Collaboration, common creations, lots of fun!

Daily colors (recommendation only):

#Monday: Red, brown, earth colors
#Tuesday: Orange, bronze, fiery colors
#Wednesday: Yellow, golden
#Thursday: Green, turquoise
#Friday: Blue, silver, white
#Saturday: Indigo, black
#Sunday: Purple, pink


What is Color ChallengeIt is a photography contest based on photos that include pre-determined colors for different days of the week
Who created the challenge?@kalemandra utilizing the hashtag #colorchallenge
What type of contest is it?This a daily Challenge whereby you submit your photos that match the assigned colors for a particular day of the week
What are the rules?1. only original photos/art/digitalart!
2. Only new, unpublished photos/art!
3. Inspired by other artists, artworks and collaboration with others is OK!
4. Cross-posting is welcome!
5. Post only good quality photos! in the ColorChallenge COmmunity;
6. Describe your photos/art with some sentences. Do not post only pictures!
7. @kalemandra suggests you be patient and kind with each other!; and that you do not spam!
8. You can submit a maximum of 2 good quality posts per day!

@traciyork initiative #hiveblopomo (Created a beautiful post today for the Color Challenge Tuesday - Fiery colors for my blog)

@flaxz initiative @iamalivechallenge: (Created a Color Challenge post for my blog this day)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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