COLOR CHALLENGE - Fiery Tuesday (4.6.21)

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Having a peaceful day for Tuesday, I thought I would go bold with the color for today and locate some fiery colors. I found some digital drawings I'd like to present for today's participation in the daily Color Challenge by @kalemandra.



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The Color Challenge is interesting. All you have to do is observe the world around you in terms of color. Take photographs, then determine what colors are contained in the subject matter of the photo. You'll have the chance to showcase those photographs each day of the week in which the challenge owner has assigned a different color.

You can also draw images of various colors in any digital medium.

I hope you like the images I chose today for Fiery Tuesday.

El Reto del Color es interesante. Lo único que tienes que hacer es observar el mundo que te rodea en términos de color. Haz fotografías y luego determina qué colores contiene el objeto de la foto. Tendrás la oportunidad de mostrar esas fotografías cada día de la semana en el que el propietario del reto haya asignado un color diferente.

También puedes dibujar imágenes de varios colores en cualquier medio digital.

Espero que os gusten las imágenes que he elegido hoy para el Martes Ardiente.

1. Apophysis 2.09 Digital Drawing Program

This digital drawing I created with the program Apophysis 2.09. I found the program while researching online digital drawing tool. This program creates fractals. A fractal is a pattern that is complex. It's created by repeating a mathematical process.

1. Programa de dibujo digital Apophysis 2.09

Encontré el programa mientras buscaba una herramienta de dibujo digital en línea. Este programa crea fractales. Un fractal es un patrón complejo. Se crea repitiendo un proceso matemático.



1. Bomomo Digital Drawing Program

This digital drawing I created with the program Bomomo. I found the program while researching online digital drawing tool. The feature I like about this program is that you don't have to download the program."

1. Programa de dibujo digital Bomomo

Este dibujo digital lo he creado con el programa Bomomo. Encontré el programa mientras buscaba una herramienta de dibujo digital en línea. La característica que me gusta de este programa es que no tienes que descargar el programa".



2. Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing Program

The Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing is an online digital drawing program I discovered two years ago.

It's unique feature allows you to enter brushstrokes and transform them into images based upon the features you choose, i.e. river, mountains, the sea, sky, clouds, water, rocks, buildings, and flowers. These are only a few of the features.

You draw the feature on the blank canvas. You then have the ability to add different elements or remove ones you don't want.

2. Programa de dibujo digital Nvidia Gaugan AI

Nvidia Gaugan AI Digital Drawing es un programa de dibujo digital en línea que descubrí hace dos años. Su característica única te permite introducir pinceladas y transformarlas en imágenes basadas en las características que elijas, es decir, río, montañas, mar, cielo, nubes, agua, rocas, edificios y flores. Éstas son sólo algunas de las características.

Dibuja la característica en el lienzo en blanco. A continuación, tienes la posibilidad de añadir diferentes elementos o eliminar los que no quieras.






How do you like my images for today's color? If you'd like to join in, below are the colors and the Rules as set forth in the Color Challenge Community. Look forward to seeing your color for the day!


Your colorful photos and artworks are welcome!

Weekly challenges with colors of your world.

Collaboration, common creations, lots of fun!

Daily colors (recommendation only):

#Monday: Red, brown, earth colors
#Tuesday: Orange, bronze, fiery colors
#Wednesday: Yellow, golden
#Thursday: Green, turquoise
#Friday: Blue, silver, white
#Saturday: Indigo, black
#Sunday: Purple, pink


What is Color ChallengeIt is a photography contest based on photos that include pre-determined colors for different days of the week
Who created the challenge?@kalemandra utilizing the hashtag #colorchallenge
What type of contest is it?This a daily Challenge whereby you submit your photos that match the assigned colors for a particular day of the week
What are the rules?1. only original photos/art/digitalart!
2. Only new, unpublished photos/art!
3. Inspired by other artists, artworks and collaboration with others is OK!
4. Cross-posting is welcome!
5. Post only good quality photos! in the ColorChallenge COmmunity;
6. Describe your photos/art with some sentences. Do not post only pictures!
7. @kalemandra suggests you be patient and kind with each other!; and that you do not spam!
8. You can submit a maximum of 2 good quality posts per day!

@traciyork initiative #hiveblopomo (Created a post for Fiery Tuesday for the Color Challenge Community to be placed on my blog)

@flaxz initiative @iamalivechallenge: (Created a Color Challenge post for my blog this day)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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