RE: Baptism in the heart of men while running wild

My brother does not wear glasses. I think his eyes are ok. No, your words are fine. Some people can be offended by some questions.

Dear @joeyarnoldvn , I'm glad your brother is healthy. Koreans consider it rude to ask questions about the person's appearance and disability.

If a Korean chooses not to give you a middle name, then that is not a good idea. For example, in Vietnam, there may be thousands of people named Tien Nguyen. Now, I think some Vietnamese have middle names and some of them may not. So, if many of them are named Tien Nguyen, then it is hard to tell them apart. Their middle name would tell them apart.

Your argument is interesting, but it is more convenient for Koreans to not use middle names.

My middle name is Scott. I might be the only Joseph Scott Arnold. The middle name helps me. I am the only Oatmeal Joey or the only Cool Kid or the only Ghetto Joe. I've had many nicknames in my life.

Is your full name Joseph Scott Arnold? I see. It is good name!
Is Oatmeal the nickname your father gave you? 😄
I have never eaten oatmeal. What taste is oatmeal?
Does Ghetto Joe mean poor Joe?😄

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