CineTV Contest: The man with the red shoe.

Hello community of film and television lovers of series and movies, this week the specific topic is about a film by Tom Hanks, a great actor with a great career, difficult that someone does not know him or has not seen a movie with him.

I knew about this actor when he did a TV series called FRIENDS OF THE SOUL, where to get a room to sleep, he and his friend had to dress up as a woman every night ha ha, it was a comedy type of movie.

Then his pe of him in a movie the first time I saw him, called The man with the red shoe.


This movie is from 1985, if something old he he, I saw it in a movie theater in my city which no longer exists. Along with Tom Hanks also starred Lori Singer, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Carrie Fisher, Edward Herrmann, James Belushi, Tom Noonan, David Ogden Stiers, Irving Metzman.

The genre of the film is COMEDY, if which is created from a confusion, he was an orchestra musician. When he arrives at the airport, he is mistaken for a spy, and the key to recognize him was that he must have a red shoe.

A very absent-minded violinist, who happens to be wearing a red shoe, is mistaken for a spy and pursued by CIA agents. One of these agents is Maddy, who uses every stratagem to obtain information. From that moment on, his life, under constant surveillance, becomes a nightmare.

It was not a blockbuster film, Toms Hanks I think it was his beginnings in the world of cinema, but it served him to have experience in this art, because then came many films that have been box office, as he has won many major film awards such as the Oscars.

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