Invincible (2021)



Even tho most of the time i like to stay out of conversations amongst the hardcore DC and Marvel fans and try to occupy a neutral ground, in actuality, i am a massive comic geek. Even more so than those who are busy trying to showcase their choice of superheroes being superior then the other in a pointless futile debate. In my case, I like both of the publishers a lot along in the list of many who are not so famous. Well, the dominion of comic books is a lot like our own crypto sphere. People usually tend to stay in the company of the big two. Ther rest are generally not so important

But, after being in the shadows for so long, nowadays some of those not so famous comic universes are successfully conquering the spotlight. Examples would be the umbrella academy, the boys and the newest show from amazon i'm watching, Invincible.

When jack kirby had died and the golden age ended, and marvels civil war two and secret wars storyline had ended, both DC and Marvel had to reboot their storylines. To try and introduce new prospects in their superhero universes as the golden age had drained every possible plot material one could imagine. For example, being the most iconic superhero to exist, Superman had to be given newer superpowers to make the issues more exciting then the previous one. At a point, there was nothing new to be added, no new powers to be given, no new crisis and morale struggle left to be created. I think if they hadn't rebooted the franchise as the New 52, at some point they would have even had to explore ideas regarding Superman's fart being catastrophically powerful and taking down doomsday, bizarro or LEx Luthor.

In the 2000s, a few comic book authors who saw these absurdities being drawn and printed everyday and the masses kept feeding on them tried to make parodies of the justice league or The Avengers. Except they were not bound by the clause which Marvel and DC authors are bound by which is, if they were to produce any new superheros, villains or storylines while working for them, the publishers will have the copyright. So even though those were parodies, it gave them the chance to rethink the usual dynamics and rewrite the origins of the most popular superheroes any way they want. And thus were born comics like The Boys and Invincible.

Invincible even though it is a parody, it is a massively gore and disturbing graphic novel and when amazon adapted it to be a show, they didn't water down any of the violence. The show explores the idea of Superman who in the invincible universe is Omni Man, not being as morally superior as we usually know him to be. Unlike superman, Omni Man Kills. The main protagonist, Invincible, equivalent of Superboy of DC is the son of Omni man. As Superman is a kryptonian descendant living among the humans, Omni man too is an alien but he is a member of the viltrumite race. So the dynamic is very parallel yet contrasting. The first episode opens with invincibles slowly adapting to his newly manifesting powers. And the episode ends with Omni man massacring the whole Guardians of the Globe who are basically the justice league.

Only three hour-long episodes have been released yet and to see one of my favorite comics to be adapted to TV is quite refreshing. If you like the usual DCAMU animation style, you'll definitely like this one too.

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