Cine Tv Contest: Birds Of Prey.

Darcy Delia

Growing up as a child, I was so fascinated in watching movies and eager to watch what would happen at the end. I always loved happy endings, so I didn't put much interest in the villains. As time went on, I noticed that sometimes,the villains were not to be blamed. Certain situations might have happened and maybe they didn't have any other option than to become villains.

Some villains I enjoyed watching were; the green goblin ( from spider man: no way home), Freddy Krueger( Nightmere on Elm street), The wicked with of the west (The wizard of oz), Pennywise ( IT) and The joker ( the dark Knight).

My favorite of all still remains Harley Quinn in birds of prey. She's one of the most notable supervillains in history and I fell in love with her character and the way she would commit several crimes with sadistic glee in her eyes. I got to know about the movie, birds of prey, in the year 2020 during the lockdown when I watched a music video of Megan the stallion and Normani in a song titled "Birds Of Prey". Although the movie was released in Nigeria on 7th of February 2020, I watched it in April. The movie was directed by Cathy Yan.

Harley Quinn was such an amazing character. She had a few loose screws and would put her blond hair in pigtails, dyeing one part blue and the other part pink. She also has a small heart tattoo which I think is really cute. Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist who fell in love with her patient ( the joker) and she got away with doing several things because she was in a relationship with the joker. The joker later on broke up with her and even when she tried telling people, they'll just laugh and would not believe her.

She went to a club which was owned by Roman Sionis, who was friends with the joker. Roman's driver made certain comments calling her a slut and I so loved the way she got on the table, and jumped on his legs, breaking them. Harley wanted to prove to people that indeed she was no longer together with the joker and so, She drive an oil truck into a chemical refinary which was her spot with the joker. Buring the refinery really proved she was no longer dating the joker and people she had offended started coming after her. That was the funniest scene in the movie to me.

I think I took a personal liking to the Harley Quinn character in some kind of way, because she's witty, hyperactive, she's a baddie and she's also extravagant. She's just so interesting to watch and I made sure after watching the movie, I suggested it to all my friends.

Harley Quinn was later arrested by the police due to some of her mischief with the joker. She got out though and was then threatened by Roman. Remember him? Guy who owns a clubs, friends with joker. Well turns out he's a physcho that likes to slice people faces off and when he lost his diamond to a little girl named Cassandra who was a pick pocket, he threatened Harley that he would slice her face off if only she provided his diamonds.

I guess my favourite part of the movie was when Harley was to get her pet heyena and then, the man in charge asked for sexual favour is return and then she told the hyena fetch!....and it ate of the man's leg!. I just love Harley Quinn. I love her charisma and the way she's able to size peope up. I also love her smile and the glee she ways has in her eyes.


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