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This week on, the question is – What is your favorite reality TV show. For me and my Bonnie Bride, it tends to fluctuate a bit, however, currently, I have to go with Stars on Mars because it is fun to see what kind of challenges the Celebronauts are faced with, and, being a lifelong Star Trek fan, William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk is the host of the show. This means we get the best of both worlds – a fun show to watch and Shatner having fun in space again. Oh, and the main habitat for the Celebronauts in HAB-1701, another salute to Star Trek.

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I am finding that there is a lot to like about this show, between the various missions and the overall theme of the show – colonizing Mars. But not the occasional sniping between some of the Celebronauts, although that does add a bit of drama to the show. And they get to use flamethrowers. Yee-haw.

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When the show launched I was only familiar with three people on the show – Lance Armstron,Ronda Rousy and William shatner. I had no clue who any of the others are. However it has been a delight to learn about some of them, and I find myself rooting for a few of them – Lance, Porsha, and Marshawn in particular. And then there are those I am just waiting to see be voted off the island, er, extracted back to Earth, Like Ariel and Adam.

At this point, there are still eight Celebronauts left on Mars. And my Bonnie Bride and I have no idea who will be next to be extracted.

There is a second series that my Bonnie Bride and I enjoyed that ran earlier this year, and we just found out that there will be a second season kicking off in September, and that’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. One of the attractions to me is that we get a glimpse into THEIR world, but just a glimpse, probably not even the tip of the iceberg’s worth. But it is a very interesting glimpse into their world. Having served in the USAF, it is a world I never had the opportunity to experience first hand, and I don’t think I would have made it through the training these guys go though, even when I was in my best physical and mental condition.

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During the first season, there was a group of 16 celebrities, most of whom I had never heard of before, and a few I had, including MelB! She, alone, made it worth watching, as she is just a neat person. I should have been familiar with Montell Jordan, however my Bonnie Bride knew, and she informed me (“what do you mean you don’t know who Montell Jordan is?”) as to who he is.

To give you an idea of how tough this particular test is for the celebrities, four of them were medically withdrawn. The tests they go through are not just physical in nature, and many of the tests are grueling by the looks of it, as well as things they have to do when the end up in the proverbial penalty box, but also many tests were psychological in nature, meant to break you down mentally.

The team training the celebrities is comprised of several spec ops types from both the UK and USA military, including Special Air Service and Special Boat Service, US Marine Recon and Navy SEAL. One heck of a mix of seriously tough dudes setting the pace to test th metal of the celebrities.

We’re now looking forward to what this series will show us in its season 2.

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