CineTv movie review - The brotherhood..

When it comes to watching movies, you can never understand estimate my love for Nollywood movies because I get so entertained and very happy watching it. Especially when the movies makes a lot of sense like this one I will be sharing now. The movies I am sharing today is tilted brotherhood. Actually, for some time, I have been hearing of this movie and trust me, I have always been trying to find time to watch this movie but I have not gotten enough time.


So today I decided to pick up this movies to watch. Trust me,this movie beats up my imaginations, it was far beyond what I expected of a Nigerian movie. I have been watching movies and seeing some vast advancement in movies, this speak more and very much different from just a mere movie. The brotherhood was released in Nigeria on the 23rd of September 2022 and trust me, this movie has really triggered alot of people to watch both in Nigeria and abroad.

This movies looks so real and captivating that while I was watching, I was so immersed and captivated that I was thinking I was at the spot where the movie was acted.. At some point when I snapped out from my daydream, I found out that I was still where I was but I could not figure it out immediately..

That is how captivating this movie brotherhood is.. This movie is an approximately 2 hours movie but trust me, you won't want it to end with the flow you get from akin adetula and wale adetula, goodie, izra and the others who acted so special in this movie to make it an interesting one. Let me give you a brief about how the movie went..

About the movie.


This movie was centered on two brothers who their parents were killed by some gang of armed robbers called the ojuju boys on a night out which they had with their parents. Life has been so tideous for this two guys and they struggle everyday to get a living till they grow up. Wale decide to go into the police force to get a means to survival and he was later promoted at it. His twin brother akin decided to remain on the street which has landed him in jail for more than once. After he was released from jail, he headed out to the world and was taken home by his aunty who was left as a mother to them..

Akin joined the ojuju boys after they came to robb his house and he knew the leader of the team was his old time friend. After joining the team, he brought a huge deal of stealing from a bank by attacking a bullion van and having a successful mission.. wale decided to set up a family after going to his boss birthday party and then he fell in love with his boss's daughter. He engaged her and then started a family with her. On their weeding day, akin and his crew showed up after wale told them not to come.

They came and was spending money lavishly and this brought the attention of people towards them. This has now brought series of suspicion towards them because wale was so sure akin his twin brother had no job but yet he is living a big life. After series of missions that has been carried out but the ojuju boys, wale got so annoyed after he heard his father his who is also his boss at work got shot by the ojuju boys and it was his own twin brother that shot him.

He started haunting for their downfall and taking every measures to ensure that he bring them to justice.. Wale and the rest of the team went of their final mission to face the ojuju boys. Will this be the end of their life or what will happen to akin and wale. This is a battle between two brothers you have to watch, what will the ending part of this movie be??

Movie rating.


My love for this movie got so Intense as I continue to watch that I wish the movie never finish.. Movies like this are very rear to find and when you see one, you should appreciate the efforts put into it. Rating this movie, I will rate it a 9/10. Reason is, from the beginning of the movie to the end of it, every scene will actually draw your to the next scene and you will want to know what will happen next till the movie finishes. Every role and act will get you engrossed and you will crave for more.

The movie was produced by Jade Osiberu and directed by Loukman Ali and was produced by Greoh Studios. This company created the movie and made it so easy for everyone to watch. I hope you enjoy this review..

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