CineTv Movie Review - Finding Solace.

Hello lovers, here is another amazing movie I am sharing here today. Talking about movies, they all have different genres which I believe everyone who loves to watch movie has their own genres which they love. Today, I will be sharing this movie titled finding solace. I got to discover this movie while I was surfing through YouTube app for some movies and then I came across some lovely movies which this happens to be part of..

About this movie.


Finding solace is a lovely movies by some amazing actors like Ray emodi, sotonye george, miwa olorunfemi, paul vicks and lots more. This movies is mainly about Ray Emodi who acted as Richmond. He was sentenced to prison for about 5years for the crime he didn't committed.. when his father heard about this case, his father compelled him to confess by all cost. Richmond tries to convince his father of his Innocence but it was very hard for him because there was no proof for him to justify himself..

What happened in the movie??

Richmond had a clash with his ex girlfriend boyfriend and they bothe had series of arguments which led to treat on both side. Richmond had tried everything possible to avoid this people but on this day he went to meet his ex girlfriend boyfriend, he found out that he had been killed by some people which he could not even imagine.. on that spot, he was trying to create a save zone for the guy before his ex girlfriend came in and saw that his boyfriend was in the hands of Richmond..

Now, Richmond had no evidence to prove his innocence and no one could justify him all along. His ex girlfriend pressed charges against him and insisted that he goes to the prison by all means that he is a murderer. His father was very annoyed at the wayward lifestyle Richmond had put into action for some time and this has not made it so easy for his father to defend him..

His father was in support of him going to prison. During his stay in the prison, his father disowned him publicly without feeling remorse. When he came back from the prison after 5 years he was coming home to his father Before he was told that he has been disowned by his father.

There was no where for him to go nor live in. He became so hopeless and helped..on his quest to getting a better life, he met his old school friend who took him in to help him get a life but was doing that to take a revenge of what had been done to him several years ago..

Will Richmond be able to get a better life for himself after going through all these. You should confirm this in the movie, Finding Solace..

Rating this movie, I would give it a rating of 8/10. Rating this movie 8/10 is because, this movie was acted as a real life event which you would really believe happened in a real sense. I love every part of the movie because it got my attention too well. I hope and believe there can still be more to be added to the movie industry.

Finding solace was released in the early 2023 precisely in January. It was directed Omoruyi Wallz Efosa and also written by Ojakorotu Promise Ofejiro.. watch this movie and enjoy seamless enjoyment..

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