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Right from my younger days, I have always love to watch movies and Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been part of the movies actor which I really find pleasure in watching his movies. He has created lots of movies which Escape Plan happens to be part of his movies.. This movies thrilled and got most people enticed, even till this very moment, Arnold's movies can never be under rated for anything..


This movies was released in the year 2013 and happens to fall under the action genre of movie. This movie was acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and also in conjunction with him was Sylvester Stallone which they came together to make the escape plan a worth While movie to watch.. Arnold Schwarzenegger acted in conjunction with his partner and his appearance in this movie made this movie a banger.. His presence in every movie will always give you some insight about what you should expect from the movie because there is never a dull moment whenever he appears in a movie..

This movie, is about how how arnold Schwarzenegger who was arrested and made an inmate, in this movie he offer to help who helps Sylvester in his attempt to abscond from an the might prison which they were held captive. This prison's was named "The Tomb" because no one goes in and comes out easily.. This time was when Schwarzenegger came in to showcase his heavy duty skill to show that he has what it takes to make him escape the prison..


This movies made Sylvester and Arnold show themselves truly and made the whole world know the kind of person they truly are and this made the movie and interesting one. I remembered watching this movies about this times consecutively because of the action that was packaged into the movie. Anytime I remember this movie, I have never regretted watching this movie with my spare time because it worth every minute spent..

One thing I love about this movie is all the suspense in the movie. Every scene has a suspense that you won't even wat to leave where you are watching because you don't want to miss any part of the movie and you don't want to withstand someone explaining the movie to you.. The movie was acted with advanced tech and a high level of acting skill. This made me got attracted to it and also with different scenes which these two guys created in the prison..

One science in the movie I could not forget was when Arnold and Sylvester got rounded by the security guard and there was no way out for them. Within my mind i was feeling so bothered because I never wanted them to get caught because they have really worked so hard to get to the point they have fought to in the prison. Before this guy's became friends, they were enemies that fought each other in the prison and they ended up becomes partners in crime...

Suddenly, they both devised a plan work which made them pull out different stunt work and they were able to defeat the security guards to buy their way out of the prison with their hard work and relentless effort which they showed to everyone watching this movie.. The combination of these two great actor made this movie a appealing one and I won't mind watching again if I have my time and chance.

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In conclusion, "Escape Plan" provided a full attention to us all that loves action movie and infact I wish I could continue watching every movies which Arnold has done because he is a great icon and a great actor with a big legacy.. To those that loves to watch more interesting movie with great and amazing scenes with lots of suspenseful action, Escape Plan is worth checking out and I can boldly make a recommendation of this movie to everyone.

To rate this movie, I would rate it a 9/10. This is because, movies acted by Arnold are very great and they are always passing messages while you watch. From the beginning to the end, to can't afford to miss any part of the movie because when you are explained to, you will blame yourself for not watching it at that very moment..

The movie was directed by John Herzfeld, Mikael Håfström, Steven C. Miller. All these guys came together to bring this movie to life. Some amazing actors which participated in making this movie worth while are Ray Breslin, Swan Rottmayer, Victor X. Mannheim, Hobbes, Trent DeRosa, Lester Clark and many others..
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