Cine TV - You who i called sister (Movie Review)

Hello movies lovers, here is another lovely movie which I would like to share today, it is titled you who I called sister. This movie is a movie that was released in 2022, by Nancy isime who happens to be a movie actress and a model who has featured in series of movies both in Nigeria and abroad.. she has literally won series of awards through acting. I got to know about this movie while I was checking through some YouTube movies and I found out this amazing movie and I decided to watch and give a review about it.

About the movie.


You who I called sister, is is mainly focused on two blood sisters (Nancy isime as nanya and scarlet gomez as ugo) that were born by the same parents. These girls were the choice of their parents but it happens that one was the most preferred than the other. This has always been a problem to both kids, and they do love with hatred in their mind towards one another everytime.. Well both of them were not having the same motive towards each other because Nancy loved her sister and gave her all the care she wanted but she never knew it was a reverse for her sister.

Ugo was taken to the rehab after she asked for some money from her father and she squandered it on taking hard drugs before the death of their parents. Ugo was know to be a trouble maker and always causing problem and Commotion where ever she may be..

This continued the way it is till their parents departed from them and went their way(death). Now that their parents were gone, hatred loom between then. Nancys sister ugo got in contact with a friend max. she offered a job on a condition to
max to help her kill her sister because of this hatred.

On the day of nanya's birthday, her sister showed up to celebrate with her and to plead with her to stay with her. But nanya never knew she had the intention of getting back to her husband because of the past connection they had. Max feel in love with nanya and decided not to agree with the proposal her sister gave him but instead decided to quite the job that was given to him by ugo which is nanya's sister..

Erdoo, who is nanya's friend adviced nanya(Nancy isime) about her sister coming back into her life but she would not agree because she does not want to hurt her sister. Mummy b who is the cook to their parents also advices nanya about her sister but she didn't agree.

Things kept on going and max was never comfortable having ugo around the house but he could not speak up to his wife, nanya about it. A day came when ugo went into max room and wanted to assault him and force him to have sex with her. Mummy b in her monitoring spirit tip toes to their room and immediately called nanya to come back home. Coming back, she heard everything that transpired between them and when they came out, they saw nanya at the door.

Now their home broke apart and ugo didn't leave her sister's house. Claiming she owns the house. After the begging max did, nanya gave him an audience to speak to her and he explained himself to her. What will happen next ?? You need to watch this interesting movie and see how things went with them both. It worth watching..

Some star actress that featured in this movie are, Nancy Isime herself, Scarlet gomez, Kenneth Nwadike,ifeoma odukwe, ehi achanya and many more that came together to make this movie an interesting one.. Giving this movie a rating I will rate it a 8/10. Reason for this is because I love the movie and it is very entertaining The made the movie very realistic and Nancy had no clue something was happening even despite the fact that she tried to guess.

This movie worth watch and you are going to enjoy it.. Thanks for checking out my blog...

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