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Hello my movie lovers, good day to you all. Talking of movies that really make a complete sense and portrays good plot, I will recommend this movie to anyone that wants to watch and interesting. This movie title is irreconcilable differences. This movie was released in the year 2021 and was directed and produced by Chinneylove Eze. Some cast in the movie are Ray Emodi which act as tunde, Onyi Alex, Oma Nnadi and many others..

About the movie.

Ray Emodi as tunde in the movie came again with his acting skills to show us all that sometimes domestic violence in the family can cause a lot of harm to the family at large. This movie is about Tunde and his wife which were have an irreconcilable differences, they are both married with two kids, a boy and a girl. it all started from the very first day when tunde's wife came to meet him at the bar where he was having fun with his female friend and she caused a scene there.
Ever since she has done this, tunde has been acting very differently to here and even his own children. But he was never remember that this will in turn cause problem to his family. He was Always behaving very hostile every now and then he comes into the house. His wife tried most of the time to speak to him but he will never listening because he never felt interested at all.

Due to this act which has been going wrong in their family, their children now became to segregate themselves from their parents because there was no connection there for them again and this led their first son to get entangled with some bad friends which he was not suppose to attach himself with. But in the process of this, their first son was trying every possibility to ensure he keeps this occurrence from his younger sister so that she won't feel bad but no way this can be hidden because it will surely surface to her.

In the process of this also, tunde's wife was having issues with her health, she decided to consult the hospital for a check and she discovered that she was having cancer which she is now having a 50/50 chances of surviving. This gives her much concern that there was no one she could discuss this with. Her husband was no where to be found during this period but instead, he was busy having fun with his co-worker outside of their relationship.

After sometime, which he has been acting strange, he came in one day been annoyed as usual and came in and saw his wife lying on the bed sleeping and she didn't even remember to pick the children from the school. He then saw that she has been using medications but he was not sure and he had to keep calm. Not too long she got a call from a strange number telling him that their son was stabbed by some guys and before that, their only daughter was kidnapped only for their school teach who came to her rescue..

Conflict in the home is not a good thing and it affects the home and it make the family tear apart. We are a parent should ensure we manage ourselves so that our misunderstanding will not get to our children which will now be creating a bad notion in the face of our children..

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