Cinetv contest #40 - Greyhound movie review

Hello movie lovers it another new day to talk about a movie which happens to be part of my favourite movie.. This movie I am talking about happens to be one of my favourite movie which was done by Tom hanks.. According to the CineTV contest which was created by @cinetv I will be discussing briefly about this movie..


Tom hanks is an amazing actor which has done lots of movies and has also done a lot of movies both the funny ones and the action and adventure movies and so on... Despite the fact that I sometimes tend not to want to watch movie, but when I see movies done by Tom hanks, I really want to watch it because he is full of wisdom...


Greyhound is an action adventure movie which was done by Tom hanks and some amazing actors in it.. greyhound is a movies that calls the attention of lots of things and this movie is about some military personnel which got stock in Between an heroic seen and they now have to fight and make sure they come out alive from the problems they face..


The us navy commander which led the team is now left with no other option than to fight this terrorist which came up again them on their journey.. This movie is not a real life story, but when you watch it, it appeared to be an interesting and lovely movie which I know those interested in watching movies will like...

Will the team of the naval officer earnest be able to conquer and defeat their enemies which came up to them strong?? This is what you will know when you watch this movie, it's much fun and interesting to watch. Enjoy every bit of it as you watch this amazing movie... For those that might feeling interested in joining this great contest by CineTV, here is the LINK....

Here is a trailer of the movie..

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