Cinetv Contest: My Favorite Song in a Movie - Leon - "Shape of My Heart" by Sting

If you're a fan of Leon, chances are you have already heard the song "Shape of My Heart". It was selected as the end credits theme of the movie. The original version of the song is by Eric Serra and was later used in GoldenEye. The music underscores the bewilderment that characterizes Leon. The song's melody resembles a fantasy, with the heart representing love and emotion.


Shape of My Heart

"Shape of My Heart" is one of Sting's most famous songs, released in 1993 as a single from his Ten Summoner's Tales album. It also features prominently in the credits of the movies Leon and Three of Hearts. Sting said in a 1993 interview that the song tells the story of a card player who gambles to try to figure out something, and wants to know the mysterious logic of luck.

The song is sung by Sting. It is a pop rock tune that is very romantic, with a touch of gloom and dreariness. Its lyrics are uplifting and soaring, but it's not exactly a happy song, so it makes me cry every time I hear it. The song is a wonderful valentine for everyone who has a love-filled heart.

I love the movie Leon

There are several reasons why I love the movie Leon. Despite the fact that he is an aspiring serial killer, he spends his free time with his friends. This is where he meets Matilda, the girl next door. She comes from a disadvantaged family and is the only one of her parents in the neighborhood who is aware of the dangers of drugs. She asks him for help and ends up becoming one of his best friends.

Leon is an Italian hitman who works for a mafia boss named Old Tony. Along the way, he meets lonely 12-year-old Mathilda Lando. Her family is dysfunctional, and she has stopped going to school. Her abusive father catches the eye of DEA agents, and they raid her family. Leon helps Matilda escape the raid. The movie's ending is a bittersweet one, and he is forever changed by this experience.


Leon is an excellent character-driven film with a touch of comedy. It is the story of Leon's relationship with Mathilda, a young girl who melts the heart of a hardened loner. The film features Jean Reno, who reprises her role as the "cleaner" in Nikita. Jean Reno plays her part with a deadpan expression and perfect body language.

What is your favorite song in a movie?

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