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The Wheel of Time: Strangers and Friends - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Recap INTRODUCTION -

After season one it was hard to know what really happen to Rand al Thor, doubly but probably the main character on the series I say doubly because it was Moiraine who choose him to be the most powerful out of the five she took from The Two Rivers, after all the one who did show her powers but could not control them as most was Nynaeve, on top of looking, describe by Liandrin

The most powerful weapon they got in the last thousand years against The Dark One.

Rand was the one chosen to travel The Eye of The world and meet The Dark One, at that point The Dark One vanish, the heart stone brakes and team WOT (Rand, Moiraine, Lan) are disoriented now knowing what all this means and what will happen next, Rand looks back like "I'm getting the fuck out of here" and walks back into the forest. After his encounter with The Dark One he started dreaming, nightmares, things from the future, that could not let him sleep, besides he now works at an asylum, he is probably trying to get away from reality because he fears what he could do with this power that he posses but cant control and doesn't understand, on his dreams he kill all his friends and wakes up with blood in his hands not knowing what he did or why.

The situation between Moiraine and Lan is not getting any better, Episode One describe the silence and treatment Moiraine has against Lan, after she lost her powers is like she turn into a sad women who just wants to be alone and Lan cant sense her anymore so he has no idea whats going on with her.

Egwene finally understands why she cant move forward why she cant keep developing her powers and is probably envy and jealousy for Nynaeve, but she could not get to this conclusion alone, we most of the time cant see things from a different perspective and its her new partner at The White Tower who open her eyes and made her understood she has to stop and reorganize her thoughts if she wants to continue and success. - tv series divider

The Wheel of Time: Strangers and Friends - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Recap EPISODE DETAILS -


Far away from everyone else Perrin is having an adventure of his own, he and Loial became very close, both join a quest to find The Horn of Valere, a horn use to call heroes to battle when the time comes, with him are Loial, Uno Monesta and Lord Yakota, on season one Perrin as the rest of this friends started to wake up his powers but doesn't control them or understand them, from what I can tell he is what they call a tracker, he can sense when things had happen and for now he can see the past, not sure if he could see the future like Min Farshaw does. Perrin and the group of warriors he is with arrive to a place that seem to be raided by someone or something, they are guided by a tracker just like him, on this place is the second time Perrin show his powers, he sees exactly what happen but was confuse, he could not distinct from reality at first until he wakes up and find himself with the rest of the guys in the same room instead of the people he watch sitting at the table, on episode one not only the same thing happen but he also saw the girl that was with Ishamael and now he sees how a Shadowspawn was at the same room killing everyone.


What ever was on that place also killed the Shadowspawn, what makes me think it was probably Padin Fain, Im not sure exactly what is his purpose but he does seem to do erratic things like chasing the girl that was with Ishamael or playing been friends with Perrin at the Two Rivers, he reminds me a lot to Loky, does have that trickster vibes.


Rand working at the asylum is a way of escaping his reality, his life has change a lot since he got out of Two Rivers with the rest of his friends, discover his powers that he had no idea it exist but now the very same powers makes him violent at times, loose control of himself, this is something Liandrin mention on season one, male who can touch the power usually go insane, the case of who they called The False Dragon, a man Logain Ablar who I thought we would never see again on the series.


There are a few things on this episode that you might think are coincidence but in my opinion they were perfectly planned mostly by Liandrin, she have been talking to Nynaeve and Mat, trying to sweet their ears with different agendas for both, she thinks Mat is the Dragon and will loose himself again and in the case of Nynaeve she wants to weaponize her.


Mat block cell neighbor was Min Farshaw a women who can have visions about peoples future, describe by herself sometimes they can change and sometimes end up been real, in my opinion Liandrin did this on purpose to figure out what will Mat be capable in the future, Mat open a hole on the wall and got Min to spend some time with him and before she left had this vision of Mat stabbing Rand with the same blade consume him on season one, there are a lot of things making reference to season one.

I plan on covering season one latter down the line, I also had to pull some of season one episodes to remember how things happen, this series cover different stories at the same time, not only from the main characters.


Liandrin has not only been sweet talking to Nynaeve but also the other Aes Sedai to stop wasting her time and powers as a novice and get her right into training to expand and control her powers, Nynaeve has a very peculiar power that she can regenerate from others Aes Sedai power, on season one she almost turn into dust after getting hit by their collective power and then regenerate herself.

The rest of Liandrin sisters have agree to this except Alanna Mosvani who still believe that there is a process and reason why Nynaeve should not take short cuts with her training but the truth is that Nynaeve has no interest to be novice so she also agree with Liandrin to move forward, she is taken to a cave, a room that holds what looks like a portal.


Far away from the rest of his friends, Perrin and the other warriors with him looking for the Horn of Valere face the army of High Lady, Ishamael is next to her, we saw this army at the end of season one on the last episode, their ships arriving, lot of ships, High Lady Suroth has brought what seems to be a very powerful army, different that the Aes Sedai she brought soldiers, similar to the movie 300 where Leonidas brings warriors and Xerxes slaves, in the case of the Aes Sedai they dont bring slaves but most of their women are not as ready for battle and are probably out number, when High Lady Suroth arrives reminds me of Xerxes with the exception that she might be very powerful, I'm probably just talking shit because I know nothing else about this story rather than what I have seen so far, probably the one good thing about my blog, I'm telling things as I see them without trying to compare the series with the books.

Perrin and the rest of the crew had no chance, they were out number and out power, High Lady Suroth asks Ishamael "are they ready?" , he answers "they have to be" , ready for what? are they going to be transform into their slave army? what are their real porpuse? are they really the bad ones? because even the Aes Sedai at The White Tower in season one question Moiraine motives and goals thinking that she and her agenda could be a threat to all.


This episode is full of season one reference, Rand again lost control and killed a man, Yann; who work with him at the asylum, this guy use to mock one of Rand favorite patients so one night Rand follow the guy and beat him up to dead, during that moment he lost control of his powers and beat him up to death to then run away, this guy he just killed was in charge of taking care of Logain Ablar, The False Dragon, a man who Liandrin and other Aes Sedai track down and defeat before he raise an army large enough, this man was able to touch the power but based on the Aes Sedai experience he would eventually turn insane so he had to be stop, they took his powers and ends up on the same asylum Rand is working at, I don't think this was a coincidence, once Logain shows up I thought none of this was a coincidence and Rand had an agenda at been there - tv series divider

The Wheel of Time: Strangers and Friends - Season 1 - Episode 2 CONCLUSION -

WOT episodes are a hand full sometimes, episode two is full of references to season one, tons of characters that take time to remember, I have been back linking to WOT fandom page so readers can have a background of the characters besides my opinion, for some reason I have seen people making posts about how boring this season is but I think after episode three it will stop making reference and getting viewers to catch up so the story can move on, at least there was some action and drama at the same time, lot of drama at The White Tower, probably what really bored me is the story between Lan and Moiraine they can get along anymore even though he keeps putting his life at risk for her, Lan could eventually get tired of been push away and move on, dont think thats going to happen but its a possibility in my opinion, I had a blast watching episode two and I'm eager to watch The White Tower fight High Lady Suroth army, while I was going through the fandom page find out they want to conquer and expand their kingdom, Seanchan; this gives me GOT vibes where Seanchan and Westlands might have to unite powers to fight a bigger threat, this are just speculations of my own at trying to figure out whats next, hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.  

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