The Walking Dead – Dead City : People Are a Resource – Season 1 – Episode 3 – RECAP


The Walking Dead – Dead City : People Are a Resource – Season 1 – Episode 3 – RECAP INTRODUCTION -

Negan is definitely showing a side we didn't see on The Walking Dead original series, at least until the part I left; until now for an unknown reason he demonstrates he truly cares about Giny, we don't know why she staying we him neither, she doesn't talk and her actions are not so predictable, I doubt her trauma is only the Zombies or her family got robbed or killed, there has to be more than that or that she got autism, its normal for autistic kids not to talk but they can do everything else just fine, I think I'm getting to far with Giny character. Negan with all this kind side of him gets me thinking at some point he been Negan is going to get tired of been the good guy, he does explain Maggie why he was the way he was when he killed her husband, he mainly did it to protect his people and he got over it but does get me thinking that if the time comes and they can get rid of The Croat or even Maggie is some how lying to him about her reasons to get The Croat then Negan can turn around his mind set of been the good guy and help others to be the FUCK YOU I RULE and take over Manhattan, I think for anyone who knows him from the original series might be thinking this way, like going to both ends of the rope with him, he could be the nasty guy he was or the peaceful survivor he is now.

The new characters, Tommaso, Amaia, Im not sure if its the actors or the character themself or the fact that Im expecting more from the series but for me they falling short compare to Negan or Maggie, even Giny impress me more, probably down the road, if they dont die first; I get to like them more. - tv series divider FATAL ATTRACTION S01E02 RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


Been the random girl she is, mostly because she doesn't talk or express herself; Giny is starting to be the one that surprises the most on this episode, at first it was obvious she didn't want to stay a Hilltop, she felt awkward when she was presented to the rest of the kids on the class but from there to escape, steal a dirt bike and jump in to what looks like a tub or cooler and get to Manhattan that's extreme, plus this part is a bit unbelievable if we start to think straight. The water current has to be super calm so she can get to the other side on that tub and just a piece of wood to row, she might get to the other side but even if it doesn't look that far she could end a few miles away to the left from the picture we getting, after all she doesn't not know where Negan is, that's the other wild part of the story how is she going to find him before the Burazi find her first.


Lets face it, no body likes Negan, at least not at first and it has to be said, while Tommaso and Amaia where talking about how hard it would be to get into the arena and extract Maggie's son plus killed The Croat again Negan past actions had to be mention, The Croat is his reflection extrapolate to a few X more so he knows how he thinks and how he can be defeated, one way is to turn his people and they know it work because that is what happen to him, bit by bit Amaia is starting to know more about Negan and she seem to dont like him, who could knowing what the savage he was, specially Luther he wants the to go because what they are about to commit is far more dangerous than their plan to survive and get them all killed.


From all the survivor group the only one been straight up to Maggie and Negan is Luther, I think both Tommaso and Amaia are just hyped that finally they got someone who can get them The Croat and they are blind by this mission, they cant see that if things go wrong they will end up dead or worst as prisoners, Maggie and Negan are use to this kind of YOLO plans and go for it but Luther might be right, they will all die. Luther goes as far as telling Maggie how crazy her plan was, for what? for her son? "You know he is already dead".


Negan shows his kind side again, after they break the conversation about the plan, it ended with Luther telling Maggie his son is dead; Negan brings her a shirt for Hershel, a gift; to cheer her up and then came up the classic conversation of the last time she saw her son but more important than that Negan tells the story of how his wife Annie was beat up, this I had to look up because since I never finish the original series didn't know who Annie was; five guys beat up Annie and robbed her, this was in New Babylon where they got laws now and are trying to rebuild society so Negan killed the five guys who hurt Annie that's when Marshall start to chase him so he was on the run, to protect Annie he had to put her and who I assume is his son Joshua in a wagon train to Missouri and said he will be right behind him but never did, he split to protect them, this break his heart and he even cry when talking about it.


I got to the conclusion that Negan is probably trying to be a father for Giny for all the bad things he have done or for his wife and son who he had to see go, and Giny also see Negan as a father, probably why she stick to him and wont let go, she also look aware of the world they living in and if she didn't go to Manhattan with him would probably never see him again.


After dinner Luther decides to confront Negan at night, he found his Wanted Men sign that he kept with him, they start a fight and Negan picks up the most bizarre weapon he could find, a cheese grater, Luther pics him up and give him the good old bear hug, Negan cuts his forehead with the cheese grater, Luther stumbles, falls on his back and there was a pipe, probably gas pipe that goes through the back of his head, Luther dead. Obviously this will be a body that Negan wont be able to hide, physically yes but I'm talking about the lie that he tells next morning when everyone ask for Luther. - tv series divider

The Walking Dead – Dead City : People Are a Resource – Season 1 – Episode 3 – RECAP CONCLUSION -

The more I write about this series the more I find how far it is from been as good as the original series, I have mention before that I want to watch the OG series again and finish it but people keeps mentioning how it got boring towards the end but I feel that to enjoy more this spin off you have to watch the OG series.

I haven't mention The Croat that much because even though he is the main bad guy of the series he is irrelevant so far, everything happening right now is within Maggie's group and how she is giving the orders when the rest just follow her, I hope they don't make The Croat fall easy because then it would be too predictable and turn into a shitty series, its only episode 3, it starts to show some action, develop the Manhattan story, getting to know more about Tommaso and Amaia, also about what happen to Maggie and Negan after the OG series, its half way of season one so I'm not expecting them to kill The Croat on this season but for sure will try. Been a short season with only six episodes doesn't give it much time for story telling so next episode they will most likely go after The Croat, so far I'm enjoying the series but I don't know why at times it still doesn't feel that great, probably because I'm expecting more from it since its a spin off, been the third one after Fear The Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead, the first one was great even though didn't finish that one neither so I think I'm expecting just too much of the series and should take it for what it is.  

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