The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Coming Home - Episode 6 - Season 1 - RECAP


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Coming Home - Episode 6 - Season 1 - RECAP - INTRODUCTION -

Going Home, Episode Six of Daryl Dixon, Season 1; in my opinion almost fall too simple towards the end too predictable but its expected that they reach their destiny but when Carol show up probably because I have seen her from the OG series it was a rush got to say, as always she looks so calm and now older that you would never expect her to kick your ass but also out smart you but she can. The episodes starts where it left with Daryl facing Zombies in an arena now that Genet got them all including Laurent, her main idea is to show off her power and make others believe Laurent and her are working together to unite people but thats just not true, she is really looking to establish her regime all over France and Daryl has become a stone on the road after he single handed almost destroy one of her ship with a ton of Zombies they were running experiments on, particulary one who was very strong and agile to be a Zombie, I wonder were this experiments go on season two if she will finally raise a Zombie army and it is already known that Laurent has some sort of influence over Zombies most likely because when his mother was on labor she was already bitten, infected with the virus but it never fully went into Laurent, reason why they kept saying he is a miracle, his mother turns into a Zombie right after labor when she died.

Compare to Dead City, Daryl Dixon was way better probably because it was a bit more rudimentary not sure if thats the word, Dead City was in Manhattan and Daryl Dixon happens on so many places, the go through France to reach The Nest, from open fields to a rusty Paris with the Eiffel Tower swinging from side to side almost singing, really enjoy this series and now finally make my last post about season one.

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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Coming Home - Episode 6 - Season 1 - RECAP - EPISODE DETAILS -


The fight scene was a great opening to the last episode of season one, at first Genet thought she was going get away with killing Daryl in front of all this people and show off her power to increase the support from Paris population, how many times have we seen Daryl fight more than three Zombies at the same time although this are not normie Zombies, Genet had her scientist develop some kind of drug that jap the Zombies making them go 0 to 100 real quick, more like Zombies from World War Z, if we can get those in masses for season two would be sick!!!

Probably Genet best chance was to tire Daryl fighting Quinn and then let go the Zombies but she was so sure her plan was going to work, look at her smug smile, well that change real quick after Daryl and Quinn started to work together and annihilate her Zombies, there was one with metal around his head that even attack another Zombie, its still very grey area how to control them properly to know who the enemy is.


So far Daryl Dixon has another thing that is very similar to the OG series and that's the tones and colors of scenes, its always that dark greenish theme on all scenes, I remember with the OG series at some point the intro made me sad just listening to the song and all the dark green color makes you feel sad about the thing but you still wanted to watch it, obviously Daryl was not going to die on season one there still gas in the tank but who did had to die Quinn, after all he was brought from the death after Isabelle abandon him when Zombies started to pup up, Quinn had to pay a high price.


Karma, Irony and Coincidence kick in hard on episode six, this is when I think the episode started to became too predictable and then what are the odds some of this things to happen to Quinn? probably was the perfect Karma payback

  • Zombie bites him in the back
  • He agree to Daryl cut his hand off to get free
  • Laurent stab him in the head after he turn
Karma is a bitch!! the amount of payback in a single episode, consider he confess Isabelle he was fucking her sister, Laurent's mother; he also told Isabelle to get rid of her sister and drop her at a near hospital so they can move on to then many years latter when he realize who Laurent is try to claim him as his son and asks Isabelle to be with him, even force her to do it leaving her without many options in exchange for a ticket on a ship or some how get Daryl into a ship to USA, the irony on all this was that Laurent had to kill him and that sux because imagine a kid under that circumstances he basically killed both his parents, his mom during labor and then had to stab Quinn on the head to protect Isabelle, none of those were his fault but still if we go to numbers he is 2-0.

I didn't like how easy Daryl escape the compound, that's the magic of TV; the first car he check on he finds his back with all his stuff even his blade and "medieval flail", I had to look that up lol; on top meters close to him was Fallou to help him get a truck running, he knows mechanic because his uncle had a shop??; it became so predictable and unreal at this point, who didn't imagine Quinn was going to turn and attack them I think that was obvious.


I always like to think that every TV series and even episodes themself have a gas pedal that writers and directors use to control the excitement, you cant keep people producing dopamine indefinitely during 45 minutes episodes, you might be able to do it on one episode and not at 100%, after Daryl escape with Isebelle and Laurent their truck broke down and Codron track them down, when he had Daryl at his mercy he could not kill Daryl or Laurent for some reason, Laurent did told him "God loves you" but still I don't think that mean anything to Codron, he kills the rest of Genet's goons and let Daryl go away, even figure out where the nest is and told them to walk north, less than a day, Mont Saint Michel after he picks up Daryl watch from the floor and he kept it, I wonder if latter on Genet will figure out that's the Nest??, at Mont Saint Michael the entire town was expecting Laurent. Not much happen after they arrive but to me this part of the episode was not boring since the place, the castle, the scenery was beautiful, sometimes I imagine all the people that work to build places like that and even live for so long there while my country still had nothing similar, this is for many other countries, Europe was WWWAAAYYYY more advance back then.


Codron was stupid enough to go back alone to Genet with the story on his hand that everyone got killed except him because he was chasing Laurent and Daryl killed the rest of Genet's goons, cmon that was stupid as fuck, she came up with this story of how she work for a long time as security at a museum and learn to read paintings, who was lying just by looking at their eyes.

At The Nest, the got Daryl a ride back home and he decided it was time to go home, on his way he found the his grand father tomb, he was a soldier who died in France during war, close to that field Daryl had to fight Zombies and from there with the episode so close to finish if you look at the time left it was uncertain was going to happen but those Zombies were really looking for him because of Laurent, he was close and Zombies following WTF!! after all the kid does seem to have some power or control over Zombies that he has not develop obviously because no body have though of that, to make things even better there is a small scene when Carol shows up after following a biker who had Daryl's bike, he never saw it coming but in matter of minutes she already had him tight down in the trunk of her car, he tells where he got the bike and now she is on her way to the same guys who put Daryl on the ship in the first place.

Episode six left us with a couple of hot topics hanging for next season

  • Laurent powers over Zombies, what they really are? will he develop it?
  • Genet caught Cordon who has Daryl pocket watch, will she figure out where is the Nest and attack?
  • Carol is on her way to the camp where Daryl got imprison, will she fucked up? - tv series divider

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Coming Home - Episode 6 - Season 1 - RECAP - CONCLUSION -

Season one of Daryl Dixon was just awesome, the entire season got an average of 7.7/10 with the last episode an 8.6/10 at IMDB and numbers do make sense compare to what I saw, it was way better than Dead City, more action, more similar to the OG series from the theme of the scenes, colors, even the intro was on a similar vibe and that is very important for the brand to go on and keep fans interested, I think that's probably why Dead City didn't got that much acceptance and to be honest Daryl Dixon spinn off at first I was a bit skeptical because are they really going to release two spinn off the same year so close to each other considering Fear The Walking Dead was still running but it turn out to be more successful than I expected, this series goes against what I have mention of a minimum of 8 episodes but it is very rare to be this successful with very little episodes, consider it had one of the bad ass characters from the OG series, on 2024 there will be the continuation of Dead City and Daryl Dixon plus there will be another spinn off "The Ones Who Live" where there will be Rick and Michonne as main characters, I have higher expectations for this next spinn off.


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