The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - L'âme Perdue - Episode 1 - Season 1 - RECAP


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - L'âme Perdue - Episode 1 - Season 1 - RECAP INTRODUCTION -

You might think "another Walking Dead spin off" there will be more in the future, The Walking Dead is way more than just the OG series and they going to milk it, I'm happy with it as long as the actors remain the same if possible and production is as good, with new TV Series format each episode is one hour long including intro/outtro also with The Walking Dead spin off there is at the end a "On the next episode..." that either gives you snippets of whats next and an analysis of whats happening.

This story is about the man you see on the image above, Daryl Dixon who left home looking for something new, something meaningful and exciting, it looks like the story doesn't start from the beginning so it might be confusing at first and you will ask yourself how did he got there? all there is a guy tied to a boat, did he do that to himself? no, there is much more than that.

Zombies are not the topic anymore but if I'm not mistaken this is the first time that we see a mutation on them, on Daryl Dixon there are "boilers" as they call them, Zombies that can burn your skin as they touch you, their insides are acid and burn anything in contact, they die the same way just stick something to their head, they are also slow as usual, same as The Walking Dead: Dead City, Zombies are not the topic of the story anymore, its about the journey of the main Character.

Daryl had no mission when he got to France, yes by the way this story is develop in France, so that's cool that the story moves to another continent, in here Daryl face language barrier, I can imagine myself, nothing to loose, surviving, exploring the country I have never been at, must be cool, only problem is that the world is trying to kill you every minute, either Zombies get your or humans does. - tv series divider The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - L'âme Perdue - Episode 1 - Season 1 - RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


If you are new to the story, don't know who this guy is or how he got there, this is Daryl Dixon, arrives to a beach in France after he was tied to a boat, details will be tell down the road. The end of man kind has happen, the world is full of Zombies, those who survive feel usually lonely and threatened by existence itself, its very rare to see people happy on The Walking Dead universe other than kids or anything involving kids, adults just never, I guess the stress of staying alive, the suffering of loosing love ones, Daryl is the same, that's one of the reasons whey he end up tied to a boat.


All we know is that Daryl was looking for something new or meaningful, I don't know why yet because if I'm not mistaken he had a wife and kid back home, people who care for him, now he arrive the shores of France, starts exploring to find out it is just the same thing, he finds a guy audio tape with recordings that this guy has been 19 months navigating the sea, Spain, France, there is no safe place until slowly they all start to die for different reasons, so Daryl I think leaving home was stupid.


Until now we were still in regular schedule, he starts exploring and got attack by Zombies at a warehouse where he was looking for supplies or anything of value, only difference is that when this Zombies touch you, they burn your skin since their rotten insides are acid and burn anything in contact, once this happen my first question was, is he infected? do they now turn when they get touch? how long it takes for him to turn? , after he got burn by this Zombie end up killing all of the and took off.


Zombie apocalypse all the remaining survivors have turn into real mother fuckers in one way or another, so if this ever happen trust no one you don't know, as Darys keeps exploring he find this two, Maribelle and her grandfather, they look innocent at not a threat at first, I thought at first they were going to shoot Daryl, but they offer him to trade medical supplies for food so he accept.


The entire world is full of Zombies, its a virus, every human that dies turns into a Zombie so unless there is a cure there will always be Zombies around, but there are less every day I guess, humans start to go out more so some one has to take charge of the territory, guerrillas form and start to control the country, a patrol finds Daryl and his new "friends", they start an argument about who Daryl is, they try to take Maribelle with them and he tries to stop them but shoot him back, I was like they can't kill him yet so Maribelle and Daryl end up getting out of this tight situation, kill them all but her smart ass grandfather decides to betray Daryl, the old bastard was not blind at all so takes a cheap shot at him, knock him out. This guerilla guys were part of the group related to Daryl in a way, the reason why he got tied to the boat, part of the story that has not been explained yet, one of they two guys that were killed, by Maribelle not even Daryl, was the guerrilla boss brother, he would want so revenge right?


Daryl is found wounded, burn, knocked out; by Sister Isabelle, they saw each other from the distance at a place he was exploring, he is taking to the convent she is part of and the first thing they did was to cauterize where he was touche by the Zombie, yes it spread, yes people die and turn because of that so I was right on that one, it was only obvious.


The convent is a kind of sanctuary, good amount of nuns who are basically self sustain, traditions and believe in God is not so strong during the times of apocalypse but humans still respect it and keep their distance so it gives them some what protection been inside the convent, reason why they could stay alive without been attacked.

At the convent there were all nuns except there was a 12 year old kid who was born at the convent, his mother died. I should have seen this at first, Isabelle was kind of a modern nun as she does not discard others people believes and knew how to use a gun, defend herself.

Daryl meets the kid, Laurent; since he is the only kid in the convent they teach him everything they could from math, geography, instruments, but there was something more, classic messiah story, nuns think Laurent is the savior of the world and Daryl the messenger, they have this prophecy that Daryl needs to take Laurent to Paris so he can guide society, not sure why they would think this, if you look around there is no government, there is no country, there is no resistance, there is just Zombies and humans who kill each other, the nuns even had a Zombie inside the last father turn and they thought this was a punishment from God that at some point would end and father Pere Jean would once again be human, the moment Daryl discover this he took some supplies, guns and walk away.


When Daryl was leaving he notice the guerrilla going into the convent, they were looking for him, Maribelle snitch on him, she was found with her grandfather by the guerrilla because obviously no body kills the boss brother and stay alive, the fighting between nuns and the guerrilla starts after they "killed" Pere Jean.

Daryl is old and looks like on every fight from now he will end in the floor about to die and saved by some one else, really again? Once everything was over there were a lot of casualties, the place was a mess, lot of new Zombies around, few survivors and the nuns still have their prophecy with Daryl as the messenger and Laurent their savior, Daryl thinks twice what he has done and only wants to come home, Isabelle mention a port that is still active close to Paris, Daryl offer her a trade, he will take them to Paris and she will show him the way to the port.


The scenes at the convent and Daryl are done but towards the end of the episode its reveal from where Daryl came, who tied him to the boat and a few characters that we know nothing about yet, the is a women who show up with body guards, her name Genet, look like she is in charge of a military movement or another guerrilla, probably she has a connection with the guerilla boss who tried to kill Daryl.

They either experimenting with Zombies or some how use them, on The Walking Dead: Dead City, The Croat use Zombies as fuel, extracting the methane, Zombies on the ship have masks so they cant bite others but I dont see gloves or anything that protect humans from contact so probably this are regular Zombies. Genet arrives because there was an incident at a lab inside, I assume it was Daryl since the Captain told Genet the responsible died after he went overboard, Genet doesn't trust the captain's word, she knows he is incompetent and knows the man who started all this is an American, soon we will see Genet after Daryl's ass. - tv series divider

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - L'âme Perdue - Episode 1 - Season 1 - RECAP CONCLUSION -

For episode one it was a handful, feels like it was an hour and half, so many details, the convent at first felt refreshing like finally a place to stay but then as the story start to unfold Daryl fall into a situation he never ask for that's why the second he figure out how fucked up things were inside the convent he didn't want to be part of it, he already had enough troubles to take such responsibility, Paris is fucking far away from where they are, feels like another The Last of Us journey, but Isabelle got him when she mention the active port close to Paris.

This spin off stories are not about the Zombies anymore, I have mention this on other spin off, its about what happen to the main character in this case Daryl, the entire apocalypse theme is oversold and predictable so most of the situations as they happen you will figure them out right away but the are others like Maribelle and her grandfather, who would thought the old man was faking been blind, the experiment with Zombies seems interesting, what the fuck they doing experimenting with Zombies on a ship? what for? also how and why did Daryl start a mutiny? was a prisoner here? this is the attractive part of the story, not just the Zombies and Daryl. - tv series divider

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon SEASON 1 TRAILER -

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