Secret Invasion: Home – Season 1 – Episode 6 – RECAP


Secret Invasion: Home – Season 1 – Episode 6 – RECAP - INTRODUCTION -

How did Secret Invasion went so wrong?

Not only me but many had high hopes on Secret Invasion, things on the MCU were going from bad to worst but there was still some hope but it all make sense when they announce the MCU reboot my first impression was like OK they ran out of ideas but the truth is that I think they already knew how fucked up it was going to get after End Game, seems that Secret Invasion was one of those last fucked up productions that had a big chance of been great, I also have to admit that there is a slight probability that the Hollywood strike had a big impact on it but still the right decision was probably to wait and do things right but on the entertainment industry this is the example of taking the hit and move on, this is nothing for them so it is easy to just release a mini series with a crappy ending, because its the last two episodes that fuck it up, that is how it got such low scores everywhere, even someone who some what enjoy the first five episodes they got to the last one and think WTF just happen?? The worst mistake on this episode was the fact that they constantly interrupt the main fight that had good special effects, kept pause/play with a stupid argument between Fury and Rhodey at the hospital when Fury was trying to safe the president, I think their intention was to increase the dopamine levels of viewers, like who is going do die first?? Giah at the fight? the president at the hospital? c'mon the fight between G'iah and Gravik was the main event of the evening how could you just kept interrupting, this let to very confusing and blurry scenes during the fight, If you take the entire fight alone without the interruptions it was not bad.

I love doing this kind of recaps because it helps me to not let slide those details you usually miss because of the dopamine rush but I do hate when the flow of the story gets interrupted so much becoming erratic.

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Secret Invasion: Home – Season 1 – Episode 6 – RECAP - EPISODE DETAILS -


Even after we already know the outcome of this episode if you still decide to give it a try like me, after all I had to close this chapter I'm not the type of person that build my opinion on what others say or think, I might watch the worst movie ever but if I like it still say it.

Episode started OK, Fury went to Skrullos, Gravik's HQ, consider that everyone on that compound is a Skrull so for Fury they were all enemies, no hostages, anyone on his way is going down, things between Priscilla and him are a bit sour after he find out she was in contact with Gravik, true she is a Skrull but Fury decided to become his husband no matter the species differences, we are not talking anymore culture or religion, she is from another planet so that's a lot of trust from him and she decided to stay in contact with his enemy and even denied so he is on the fence if trust her again or not.


The only thing that I like from this dialogue up here was how Rhodey was dropping bombs on the Admiral, it was also disturbing since if you have watch other movies when he shows up you know that's not him, the way he was pushing the bombing on Skrullos forcing the president to take action, but I still like this Rhodey with a lot of attitude not the passive guy we see on Avengers, always a secondary character, he was still on Secret Invasion but had that I Dont Give a Fuck attitude, at the end he ran out of time since Sonya set him up, messing with his mind, making him think Fury was after him and the President so they had to scramble and try to take the President out of the hospital.


This was probably my favorite part of the episode, it was not all bad, the range of the score was from 5 - 7 out of 10, so you can still watch it and say meh could have been better, I have seen worst. This series look like a fucking movie, it had everything to be great, you got Fury trying to out smart a Skrull general who have millions of them on earth and just Fury without any supper powers but very slick. Truth is that Fury is a selfish mother fucker, but I think there are some professions that you have to be like that if not you wont make it to the top, this time been like that was about to byte his ass, Gravik pull up with a lot of revelations like the skin he was wearing was the first human he killed working for Fury and how that consume him and how Fury basically pimped them as a cheap whore, all Skrulls, so this make Talos his main bitch?? massive mic drop.


I bet this is not how things happen but its a mediocre TV adaptation so you can't ask much, but it was this moment when Super Skrull was going to become a reality, the possibilities were infinite and the way they try to setup a trap I think was good, before it happen I knew Fury was not giving the Harvest that easy, it had all DNA samples from Thanos, Hulk, Captain America, all DNA that was not human was there but still the concept to have it on a single bottle I think made no sense, besides who could take that kind of mutation on a single hit, this was probably worst than trying to handle all the infinity stones, it would never be as easy as I gave you the Harvest you get the fuck out of planet Earth.


The fight was wild, well if it was not getting interrupted every two minutes, I think if you take all the fight scene and put it together would then be a great fight, but again all that interruption cut a lot of cool scenes, I realize this when I was taking all the screenshots for this post from the video, there were scenes that left a lot on the table since you could not really appreciate the punches and wounds, but the fact that Gravik was no match for G'iah also got me thinking that they put it easy for her, on a situation when both have the same powers, too many to use at the same time because G'iah even pull a Mantis move and put Gravik to sleep; this fight was more about who was more creative to combine all this powers, Gravik for the most part was all brute force and G'iah was way smarter to use other powers like the frost blade, she also went all Captain Marvel first and then he imitate her. - tv series divider

Secret Invasion: Home – Season 1 – Episode 6 – RECAP - CONCLUSION -

Unfortunately the episodes was some what ok until the end of the fight, the rest was very vague and felt the most rush it has been from all other five episodes, party is over everyone home just like that, Fury goes back to space now with Pricilla, Sonya is now working with G'iah but everything is presented in small snippets scenes, this is why I keep saying at least two more episodes and the outcome of this mini series would have been different, been a mini series is something that piss off viewers who at first thought this would be a full TV series with probably two seasons not every one has time to be checking the Twitter MCU account to know what to expect from this Movies and Series, I started posting about tv series and movies about a year ago, nothing journalistic about it but just putting my opinion as a normie viewer and I have no clue what to expect after the trailer came out, I thought it would be a great watch but the last two episodes destroy it.

I have been giving more though about why things like this happen and I landed on the idea that scrapping out a show like this is nothing for the entertainment industry, unless its on very early stages they stop it without releasing a crappy show but when there already episodes film and some what marketing out they go with it despite it been a low effort production, I wont say its the actors fault because I felt actors were fine, the Gravik part at the reactor with Fury, expressing how he felt about him, how Fury pimped them LOL that was funny, that entire scene was great from Gravik so it was more of a moronic production decision to rush things out instead of finding the budget and time to give it a few more episodes and let the story spread its wings a bit more.


Secret Invasion: Home – Season 1 – Episode 6 – RECAP - PREV Episodes -

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