Rabbit Hole : The Person in Your Ear - Episode 4 - Personal Thoughts


Hailey lies were not as bad as I thought, we get to episode four where John and his father Ben will loose some of the advantage they have over Crowley, this episode is not as slow as the previous one but reveal a few things that got me tense every time I watch the series, one of them was waiting for Hailey to sell John or his father or Ben caught her lying and becoming a problem between them.

John keeps using agent Jo Madin as bait, in this episode John find out a key component that leads him to who ever was probably blackmailing Valence, I think its blackmail because nobody kills himself just becomes someone else commands unless they know or have something important that belongs to that person.

On last episode I thought Xander kills himself the same way as Valence, throwing himself out of the balcony but the motive of his death was different, shows up the Intern again, a kid who use to work on John's team, he was a double agent who infiltrate John team, on previous episode we saw how he tries to take Valence token validator from him by beating him up.

The Intern shows to Xander office after John took all the data from the server, Crowley has eyes in the sky and sees everything so he knew right away and send the Intern but not really to kill Xander on that fashion.


The intern tells Xander he fucked it up and then throws him out the balcony, that's why Jo Madin sees Xander splash all over the lobby.


Before the Intern leaves he takes a small sculpture of V. Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov "Lenin" was the architect of Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik revolution and the first leader of what became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

We already know the intern is into liberalism, power to the people, sheeple, revolution and all that, so may be either he left this because is something he believes in, his trade mark or Crowley is from Russia?? not sure but something I think might have to do with them in the future.


Ben goes through Valence data without finding anything, John still insist he wants to give it a try because there must be something it cant be empty, Valence and John always encrypt data, John knows him way more than Ben, they just going back and forward on it until John reminds him what he always say

"If you want to understand people study their patterns and the brakes in those patterns."

John finds out Valence was buying and selling NFT but dont know why until Homm explain them its because its easy to launder money with crypto. Ben knew Homm was after something big and now they found that braking point, Homm tells them who he thinks send him emails about NFT trading to Valence, a guy called Elliot Gao in exchange to let him call his wife but Ben refuse so Homm ask to watch his wife and they agree.

Looks like Valence was trading NFT to launder money through a guy called Elliot Gao that Homm was investigating too, its here when Homm starts to work with John and Ben.

John and Ben start working on a plan to get Elliot Gao to talk, their plan is to use Jo Madin FBI status as bait again and have Hailey act as she is Jo Madin and interrogate Elliot Gao.


Jo Madin office get the anonymous text from John with the hint that Arda was trading NFT with Gao, Arda was Valence company, she calls Gao and fells John is messing with her again so decide to trace the number only to find out he or someone close to him have been using that number more than once to get calls.


Before John sends Hailey to replace Jo Madin he takes her for a test, had her shop lift a puzzle book from a store without anyone noticing by giving her instructions over a microphone on her ear, things turn a bit hot when a police enter the store but she manage to distract him and get away with the book.

She love it and thought it was a game, I knew it was not going to be so easy when things turn sour in plain act.


John and Hailey proceed with the plan and go to a gathering Gao was having with high profile people, but all of the sudden she panics, Gao notice something was wrong.


Hailey finally comes clean and tells John she didnt got fire, she left because she stole money from them, she stole crypto but at the moment was not so much, now its worth $26 million after crypto went up a few thousands. Thats why she wanted a phone and the crypto wallet update, she is a hodler LOL.

Unfortunately Gao boss finds out about Jo Madin and thinks Hailey is her but at the same time, remember the guys who wanted to take her on episode two on the blue Mercedes Benz, those work for Hailey ex boss.

John and Homm helps to stop Hailey ex boss agents by cutting the elevator service and have them walk all the way up but Gao already have her waiting for Crowley to show up.


Ben shows up, Gao thinks he is Crowley, looks like nobody knows who Crowley is, how he looks like, I really though for a second Ben was a double agent too but I started to notice how he tries to squeeze Gao with random questions like did you tell them about our plan and Gao doesnt know anything about the plan, what plan??
Gao gets a text

"Send me a photograph of the man claiming to be me then hand your phone to him"


After that Ben knows he was been discover and they going to shoot him, John at this moment was in a tunnel when he hijack the building cameras, spy movie stuff right?? for some reason there was a main electric panel there too then he takes a big screw driver and stick it on the panel creating a black out on the building, some how Hailey is a kind of MMA fighter and puts down the two guards that were with them and Gao.

They manage to get away in a van, Homm, Ben, John and Hailey, they know now they have no advantage over Crowley other than John is still alive and they have Homm.

Homm reveals to the crew because he now work with them, that Intaverse is a web media company that had to do with a scandal on the site gettogether.com, Gao mention that company while talking to Ben, a congressman resigned because he was been blackmail after he sing up the website and use it.

This was not the best of the four episodes so far but I think was the one where we get the most information when it comes to the conspiracy and Crowley plans, we also know Hailey intentions also why sen wanted a phone so bad, John crew is still alive, how I dont know yet, he just mention it but it would be interesting how they fake their death or how they manage to survive the bomb.

I still wonder why the intern left that small sculpture of V. Lenin on Xander desk.

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