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Chup: Revenge of the Artist is a Hindi movie which released on september 2022. This is a very new movie that I've watched recently where there a negative role (which is also can be call villain) was the leading role. I enjoyed the movie completely even here the hero looking villain made the story awesome. In this movie the leading negative role was a psychopath serial killer who had craze on movies and he killed movie critics for their negative reviews.

Cast And Crew:

Dulquer Salmaan as leading role Suresh/Danny or my favorite villain or psychopath killer in this movie. Next his girl friend Shreya Dhanwanthary as reporter Nila Menon, Sunny Deol as police inspector who was investing the case of critics murders and Pooja Bhatt as psychologist. The movie was directed by a very talented film maker R. Balki

Review And Ratings:

Undoubtedly the movie is a super hit for me. Actors did justice to their characters and the story was full of thrill and that was the most interesting part of this movie. According to IMDb rating 96% audience liked it including me and it got 8.4 star out of 10 and my rating is 9 star out of 10. So you can imagine how much the movie worth to watch. If I suggest any thriller movie with good story then I will definitely recommend Chup: Revenge of the Artist to watch.

Story Brief:

A boy was the witness of domestic violence and his father often tortured her mother and mostly came home drunk. The boy had a pet dog name Danny and his father one day killed it, the boy was very broken emotionally and was losing his mind. He loved his mother a lot but his father was a bad man. The boy often became movie lover when his father locked him inside room he watched movie from the window to his neighbor's television.

He cherished a dream to be film director but he became the victim of criticize of movie critics reporters as he made movie on his life, it was his bio film but audience didn't liked it and his dream to be a director remain a dream and become mental patient and was getting treatment in a mental asylum, his mother died and he became a psychopath. He start killing creative critics writers for news or media. The boy became a man and his name was Suresh but later he change it to Danny as the name was belongs to his beloved dog Danny.

He was a flower seller and have his own flower shop. The news channel reporter Nila menon often visited his flower shop to buy flowers for her blind mother who loves flowers. Nila fall in love with Danny (real name Suresh). Nila had dream to be a movie critics writer and at the end she become the victim as Danny decide to kill her like he killed other movie critic writers. Nila was shocked when she found Danny accused. The police tried to trap Danny with the help of psychologist and reporter Nila. They successfully caught Danny red handed at the end of this movie.


The character Danny was a negative role of this movie and he was a creative psycho killer as he did each murder with the writing style of critics. For example, a critics wrote about a movie that the movie was not on track so he killed the critic on railway track and if a critic give one start to a movie, he made one star shape with the sharp knife on the forehead of the critic. He is a creative villain and I liked it just as a creative movie. The villain Danny/Suresh become my favorite for being so creative and successfully murdered 4-5 critics without leaving a single proof or clue. The movie was a masterpiece, I must say.

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