Cine TV Contest #31 - Favorite Movie with a Young Lead : Home Alone

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There are many movie names with young lead are buzzing in my head among them two special movie I would like to mention but I will discuss about the one as I mention the name already in this blog title. Home Alone and Baby's Day Out
These two movies I watched when I grow up because these movies are 90's and I was not able to watch movies at that time as I was like new born.

Anyway the movie Home Alone. Part:1 and Baby's Day Out which was watched by me just few years back and made me surprise that how a boy go one place to another and stay safe from all kind of troubles he had. His smartness blow my mind though it was planned and just acting in a movie but I believe smart kids like 8 years old Kevin in the movie exist in real life too.

The way he protect himself from thieves and others harmful circumstances, it was really amazing. I think the movie will remind many of you, your childhood. The movie was awesome and I like old movies with young leads like this one. I may watch the part 2 of it someday later.

Cast And Crew:

The leading role of this movie was Kevin who was a eight years old boy left behind by family when his family went to France, A very talented actor name Macaulay Culkin played the leading role of this movie. He acted really great and the movie was played by a perfect child artist as he was a little kid at that time. This movie was directed by American filmmaker Chris Columbus who did a great job. The story written by very talented John Hughes who was also an American filmmaker.

Review & Rating:

The movie is old one and the story almost familiar to almost everyone so I'm not sharing the movie story here. But I've found the movie got 7.7 star out of 10 star rating. I would go with the same rating.

If I review the story according to my personal point of view then I'll describe it good enough drama and story where there a kid had taken smart step to rescue himself from thieves and he also saved his house. He did something heroic as it hardly found by a eight years old kid.

Parents can learn a lesson from this story and that is, they should double check when going for a tour because in real life this could be dangerous. Always parents doesn't leave sufficient foods when go for trip so if they planning for long way to go they should be more careful about kids and should keep them always in front of your eyes, all kids are not as smart as Kevin in this movie.

The movie entertained me a lot when Kevin was teaching the right lesson to those thieves and protected himself from any kind of harm. I enjoyed the movie and the young lead of this movie was an amazing character.

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