Movie Star of the week: PATRICK SWAYZE

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I have heard of many American actors like Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, but I have not heard any about Patrick Swayze with what I see he looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone, I do not know if they are actually related in any way, Patrick seems like he was a classic man, "those kinds of men that like styles in movie and music industry because I learned about him that he was also a singer, man with so many talents, but do we still have such actors who did also acting and singing these days?

I have always talked about how a man good work on earth would speak about his role long after he has gone, Patrick Swayze is a very good example of this, he is still remember up till today and peoples would always remembers him because of the roles he play in so many movies, but it hurts me that he had to passed away without continuing on his good journey in movies acting and also in singing but I am not GOD, the Creator knows why he had to leave because only him has the answers to all our questions.

It seems Patrick Swayze was a lot more kind to be with movie actors, just as what I have seen here by looking at his face, Patrick seems like someone who likes to gists so much and can make his audience laugh so much in his acting, yeah! that was good and to me, it's awesome because if a character is able to make his audience smile from the heart, that character is such a good movie star.

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