CineTV Contest - Your Favorite Scary Movie: Merlin

I must say that i love this movie from the starting of a young man called Merlin and knowing he is talented hard-working and a man with super powers, it was so interested, especially when he was assigned to Arthur Pendragon, the prince of Camelot, and as times goes on finding out that Merlin and Zeddicus happens to be related was really all an exciting feelings that got me well sitted.


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The scary part begins when Merlin first met with the young warlocks (the dragon) but he rather refer the name "young warlock" to Merlin as a man who has the power to change the cursed of the world.

And the second scary moment here was finding our that Morgana also can perform some dark magic, which was a cursed to the Pendragon family and to the city of Camelot, That is when we find out that Arthur, the prince was actually in danger, as Morgana also have an interest in taking the throne for herself using her Dark Magic in stopping whoever may come her way but she didn't know who was actually Emrys, as she was always told that, the one man whose name is Emrys is her doom.

The "doom" always got Morgana confused as she believes no one in the castle discovered her dark magic and can say a thing about her darker side since she was always vigilant whenever she is going to the woods to seek for advices from her sorceries.

Never did she know that the one whose name was emrys was the man living close to her and no other person than, Merlin "the young warlock.

Thirdly, I wouldn't forget about the king, Richard, the king which was Arthur's father, seeing how he always freighten his soldiers was always scary to me, because I will most of the times imagine, if those soldier's in his castle ever for once feel save in his hands.

The words Scarry may all depends on how we see it and what tends to freighten us most a times, in the movie called "Merlin".

When a character went into the wood especially in the night, there is always those sounds that would come out, when they match a stick, the sound from the woodstick is somehow scary, especially when the character didn't expect to see anyone and turning around, he/her would see someone, standing next to them and would be shouting, that at times can makes one to be freighten and feel scary.

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