CineTV contest - Show me your love : Sweet spy

I have watched so many movies and i have listened to each of their songs and their soundtrack but the one which i can not forget and which remains in my heart are the songs from the movie called "Sweet spy". which happens to touch my heart so dearly.


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Why I love Music in a movie

To make it complete, i think without music, a movie would be incomplete, music are the instruments used to sustain the mood of the people who watch movies, they help in keeping the people mind calm and at ease, especially when the soundtrack and the songs are a good one and such that can never never be forgotten, just as the one here in "Sweet spy" it sure got all of me, and if maybe i was a singer, i would have make a cover of this song, this music was the reasons i gave all of me to the movie, and up till date, it hurts that the movie has to end in a way it ended.

I always look out for another season, but the truth remains that the movie ends where it ended and no continuation, it ends where the filthy rich young man Han Yoo-il (Dennis oh) identity was discovered, he was shot by the police, he fell inside the ocean, it happens in a breach and you can see, he didn't has another escape route, just as he manage to do in others of his missions, this particular mission happens to be his last, you can see reasons why i am unable to get my mind off it.


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His lover girl "Lee Soon-Ae" (Nam Sang-Mi) was angry and said, "it was the petrol who killed her husband, now they also want to killed her love" she throw away her police batch for resignation and headed home crying.

I downloaded the soundtrack and the song in the movie, "show me your love" and i played it everyday just as a rememberance of the movie and how pitiful Han Yoo-il was when his identity was discovered by the police as an international spy, the song kept me calm and i felt like the whole scenes in the movie was real.

Short Description of this movie

Sweet spy is a South Korean movie, which focuses on a young rich man called Han Yoo-il (Dennis oh), whose secretly works as a spy and invade the dirty work of the officials in government who either take from the poor masses without helping the people in any way, his main work was to sells information, that was his main source of making money, Peoples didn't know of his source of making money, he was handsome and was also respected in the city, he called himself a businessman, which was what he used as a cover so that people would not know what he is into, he was filthy rich.


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One day, on his way coming back home, he met a young lady, who happens to be a police woman, she was compensated for the death of her husband, since the husband lost his life on a mission, she was now given the honour to take her husband place as a police woman, her name was "Lee Soon-Ae" (Nam Sang-Mi) on this day, she was on patrol, she chased on Han yoo-il, since he was obstructing the law, his was driving unnecessary with high speed and playing a music on his car, which disturb the whole place and draw the attentions of the police, Han Yoo-il was charge to the police station but He and the police woman "Nam Sang-Mi" later became friends.

Who Make the song in sweet spy*

The artiste name remains hidden, the reason is what i do not know, maybe it was my sweet Dennis Oh who sang it, he was the main character so it is true that he may be the one, because he is so handsome and talented, the song title is " show me your love", although they are so many songs that accompany the movie, " Show Me Your Love" was Incomparable, it is a South Korean song which, although i can not Write what is said in the song, i know it is a kind of love song that encompasses romance, hot an strong feelings for once partner.

This is my entry in the CineTV contest, use this Link to participate thank you once again.

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