Cine TV Contest #40 - Favorite Tom Hanks Movie - Cast Away


Chuck Noland played by Tom Hanks, finds himself in a thick bush where he shouldn't have thought he would reside in, but it was the plane crash that caused him to live in a cold and lonely palace, he began to live in that place, away from the people he could call family.

Every time I watched this movie, nothing else came to mind other than how lonely Chuck Noland is in his only lonely palace.

I love this movie because Chuck Noland used to wear that looks as if it's animal fur, because these kinds of movies where the main actors wear animal fur are rare.

This style of dress that he wore in the movie makes the movie so unique that one continues to watch him at another time and I am one of those people who admire that style.

Most of the scenes in this movie Chuck Noland did great and if you look at the scenes in the movie they rhyme with everything because the movie captures the river bank.

Cast Away is my favorite Tom Hanks movie, because the way he talks in this movie is very special to me, I know it must sound the same way to others, but I feel something special about him in Cast Away.

Cast away is a good movie that teaches that we can survive anywhere we are, which is the main thing Chuck Noland is trying to show us.

He didn't stop looking for a way out of the island because he didn't like it there, Chuck believes that one day, he would find a way out of that place to meet his people on the other sides of life, nobody likes to be in a lonely place.

Every time I look at the river bank I see dreams developed by Chuck, the demarcation of the water shows that he was living in another world far from where his people's live.

Chuck was so brilliant in this movie and I love it, you could see that house that he built for himself in the lonely palace, where he used to shoot himself in the face, when he was going out, like someone who hears something not familiar in the area.

This movie is so simple in style, because if someone watches it from the beginning, they could forecast what would happen in the movie.

I love movies that allow me to foreshadow the upcoming event, which cast away is one of those movies, because that's always a motivation for me to look for more events in the movie.

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