CineTV Contest: "Baby Day Out" My Favorite Movie with a Young Lead Actor.


Top of the day to everyone, glad to be participating in this week contest, i must say this is a very good topic, kudos to the admin. Immediately i saw this week contest topic, my mind went straight to the 1994 blockbuster movie Baby Day Out i can still remember watching this movie with my childhood friends and how funny it was to see a crawling baby decieves and stress out some dumb kidnappers who kidnap the baby from his millionaire parents. They spent the whole day trying to catch the baby when it crawled off from them after the kidnapped him from his parents after they disguised as a photographer.

The main reason i love the movie was because of it comedy, the way the baby was able to maneuver himself round the city, enter the bus by climbing into a woman basket, and the way the baby was laughing while doing all these things, and somehow escaping from the stressed kidnappers, really made me love the movie.

The movie being mainly comedy didn't really influence me in any particular way, but i can say i learnt a thing or two, like never leave your baby with strangers even if they are there to work, always make sure you are there with the baby. Also don't carry along a dumb person on a kidnapping mission, lol, i am just joking, say no to kidnapping and child trafficking.

My favorite scene will be when the kidnappers were able to catch the baby in a park, but they had to hid the baby because a police man was moving around the park, the kidnappers leader hid the baby on his lap by covering the baby with clothes, the best part is when the baby saw a litter and lit it, burning the kidnapper. he couldnt shout because he didnt want to bring the policeman attention to them and the kidnapped baby. That is my favorite part of the movie.
Another scene i also love is the scene where the baby crawled into the cage of a chimpanzee and one of the kidnappers tried to silently drag the baby outside without the chimpanzee woke up and drag the baby closer and treating him like his child, the best part is when the chimpanzee hitting the kidnappers.


When it comes to performance, i will have to give it to the baby and the kidnappers, because the baby did exceptionally well following the commanbd and directions on the set to make the movie possible, i will also give it to the kidnappers, the way they acted and reacted to situations was very funny and it helped complement the performance of the baby.

Overall the movie is an interesting movie and fun to watch movie, seeing a baby taking the lead act and center focus of a movie and pulling it off with a nice performance is really nice to see.

That is it from my side for this week contest, see you all next week, you can also join the contest

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