Cine TV Contest : “Batman and the Riddler 2022" My best Batman movie.


Batman is one of the best superheroes ever created, the character have been in existence for over 2 decades and people still loves the character. One thing that makes me love the Batman character is definitely the fact that he doesn't have any superficial powers except influence and money, that made him stand out among the other superheroes.

My best Batman movie among all the ones released is the Batman and the Riddler released in 2022, I love the Riddler character and I love how the story of Batman was told from a different perspective. I also love that they made the Riddler character, a character that people will have a divided judgement towards, we can argue that he his a result of the corruption and bad choices made by Batman Father. I also love that the Riddler targeted corrupt bad and corrupt leaders which makes the viewers sympathetic towards him.


I also love how the Batman character is a little vulnerable finding out about the dirty past of his family and how that affected him as a man and a superhero and how he was able to overcome his demons.

My best scene in the movie will definitely be the last Riddler scene in the Arkham hospital, Nashton(Riddler) is upset that his plan failed and wailing in his cell. A neighboring cell mate, who is largely obscured behind the steel door of his cell, proposes Nashton(Riddler) a riddle, asking, "Riddle me this. The less you have of me, the more I am worth." Nashton answers, "A friend." They laugh together. This scene looks like a teaser where a new movie will be based on.

I really love the story line, it's not like others where the villain will be bad and then Batman will save the day kind of storyline, I love how the superhero is vulnerable and the viewer has sympathy for the villain. The villain can be also be looked at like a justice fighter. The movie influenced me in looking at something from different perspective and different point of view.

Overall from me the movie gets an A+ the storyline is good, the characters are good, the visual is clean and the delivery is good too.

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